Star Driver 4, Milky Holmes 3

Star Driver 4 doesn’t change the show’s usual format, it just has a funny way of getting there.

After some of the usual high school scenes, this time involving the Drama Club (for some reason it seems fitting that in this show the good guys are in the Drama Club) and hints about something called “Night Flight” (a great show in the ’80’s by the way) Tiger follows a smell to a lab and becomes a subject in a memory experiment, that is to say, she faints. Okay, so this week she’s the one in danger. So far so good.

But instead we get Takuto and Wako alone. Wako quickly realizes they’re in a dream world. But it’s nice and peaceful and no one’s bothering them, so they talk and learn more about each other. When a Cybody finally shows up the fight is anticlimactic. This can’t be what the bad guys had in mind, letting the heroes bond, but the leader seems satisfied anyway. Meanwhile Takuto and Wako wonder whose dream it was, while we know already: Tiger’s wish-dream. A decent episode that demonstrates that this show can break out of its routine and throw us a surprise.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 3 is sometimes entertaining and often nonsensical. A rival group, G4, announces they’ll take down the Gentleman Thieves, who have announced their next theft, the Venus of Hama, a big-ass statue that apparently can be moved by two people. Oh, and G4 takes a moment to diss Milky Holmes. So they decide to take action.

Milky Holmes in action.

The story is incomprehensible. G4’s leader Kokoro convinces the girls they’ll get their toys back if they play Twister on an old artifact while she reads out colors from the Rosetta Stone, or whatever it is they call it there. Then the statue is stolen, returned, and there’s a big fight between GT and the still powerless MH until one of each side is stuck in a stone trunk.


You have to wonder what side the bad guys are on. Well, the underlings behave like bad guys but Arsene clearly has more on her mind than thievery. When Elly temporally regains her toy, Arsene smiles. The action scenes were fun. The rescue scene went on too long. The rest was inane. I’m still not sure why I’m watching this.

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