Amagami 17, Arakawa BxB 4

The new story arc in Amagami SS 17 isn’t off to a good start. I don’t remember Rihoko being such a ditz before.

A couple of different things in this arc: First, we learn even before the credits that Rihoko’s been in love with Junichi for years. So I suppose they’ll spend four episodes convincing Junichi to return her affections. Second, we spend most of the time with Rihoko instead of Yunichi, but that means spending time with a airhead who gets stuck in fences and declares herself on a diet with a crème choux in her mouth. Her voice gets on my nerves, too. But that’s what we got. In terms of the romance, it seems that losing weight is going to be a key theme.

Junichi is rightfully dubious about her new dieting plans; she’s done it so many times before. And because they’re old friends he can flat out state his thoughts on it. In fact so far he shows no romantic inclination at all. She’s just a friend. The closest we get is when he mentions a model he likes—turns out he doesn’t mind the chubby types. What I think will happen is Junichi will become actively involved with her diet, not unlike the personality lessons he gave Sae. Maybe she’ll become more determined that way and lose some of her ditziness. Most of the episode’s humor came from that, and mostly it wasn’t good. The funniest moment was between Junici and Umehara, off to look at dirty mags and talking like manly-men. Yes, a mistake to turn the camera away from Junichi, but we’ll see.

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge returns to the two-story format. Both of them are pretty good. A shame I have little to say about either one.

Nino forgets her line.

Pico gets Recruit to direct a romantic film where she is the lead and the Mayor (who she loves) is her romantic interest, and others as supporting cast. The casting is interesting, to say the least.

Pico is consoled by her girlfriends.

You can imagine what happens, especially when some of them don’t bother to read the script. In the end it’s hijacked and turned into a historical drama, and then there’s some careful editing …

Though I liked the second one less, it’s still good. To honor this time of year the denizens put on a haunted house. It’s an annual event, but since they all participate there’s no one to come in and get scared. Good thing Rec’s around! You pretty much know how the characters are going to behave, or you think you do. Much of the humor comes from Rec’s reaction.

You know, that IS kinda scary ...

Some of what he sees isn’t meant to be scary but scares him anyway, and vice versa. And of course the character riff on themselves or act just the opposite, maybe to startle him. In the end the thing that frightens him most of all comes with the help of a mirror.

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