Star Driver 5, Soredemo 4

After last week’s change of pace Star Driver 5 goes back to its irresistibly bizarre regular format. We get some school scenes, followed by a big colorful fight. But this episode leans farther toward the silly side.

The school nurse's office.

We meet Okamoto, the school nurse, who’s also Professor Green of Glittering Crux, AND Hina, a student who wows the boys thanks to her use of “mandrake love potion.” All of these forms of hers are obsessed with teenage boys. I’m trying to figure out what her antics have to do with breaking the next seal and freeing the cybodies but I’m not having any luck. Okamoto basically switches from one to another, attracts the interest of the Drama Club, and sets off earthquakes. Meanwhile I was waiting for the fight.

I doubt that it's in the manual, but in this show who knows?

We learn some things. The Glittering Crux folk can be unaware of each other in the real world. Okamoto and Keito didn’t know the other was around until Keito caught her stealing some mandrake. I guess that’s what you get when you wear masks all the time. Also, the Glittering Crux folk are quick to give up their identities, at least to Takuto. They’re almost treating all this like a silly game to pass the time. And finally, Glittering Crux pilots aren’t tested for smarts. Maybe only certain people can pilot them, so they have to work with what they get.

Professor Green's lapse in concentration.

Professor Green can see a few seconds into the future, so she can anticipate Galactic Pretty Boy’s every move. This is an ideal ability to have in a fight, and GPB indeed is getting knocked around a lot. But when she takes a moment to ogle him it’s all over. At the end, Takuto is mystified. Her Glittering Crux comrades don’t know whether to yell at her or laugh. I laughed for them. These fights look so cosmic and then fall into this sort of thing, well, it’s one of the reasons I’m watching.

In Soredemo Machi Mawatteiru 4 Hotori shares some quality time with her beloved teacher, Moriaki, in the form of supplemental lessons.

We get some background on the man, a flashback where he cannot accept that a long division problem might end with a remainder, and the teacher’s indifference to his complaint. The teacher became his first enemy. Hotori has become the second. She tortures Moriaki with her tardiness and endless ignorance of math. Moriaki tortures her right back with the supplemental lessons. However, Moriaki is the one in the most pain. Last week Hotori very cleverly solved a mystery for Moriaki; he’s aware that she thinks outside the box and sometimes thinks well, so it must be extra frustrating for him that she is failing only one subject—his.

It’s amusing enough, though it goes on too long. We get stories of Moriaki’s strictness and an annoying scene concerning which chair to sit in. Not as good as last week’s but good enough.

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