Sixes: Star Driver, Yumeiro Pro

Star Driver 6 starts happily enough. Takuto has a pocket watch he wants repaired, and Wako offers to take him to a watchmaker. All this time on the island and he’s seen so little of it, so …

There’s a bit of odd tension when Sugata turns down their offer to join them, but after that it’s scene after scene of the two happily walking around town, Takuto making “deserted island” jokes and Wako poking him. This show usually has a formula to its episodes, but not necessarily, so I was wondering if the grumpy girl who’s been tailing them is going to battle or not. Meanwhile the episode begins to turn melancholy. Wako tells him about Sugata’s problems, especially that one about not approvising or he’ll produce a state called “King’s Pillar” and fall into a permanent coma. Oh, today’s his birthday, too. He hates it. He was told a lot of bad things on his birthday.

Things get more mopey, Wako loses her smile. Then we get our fight. The grumpy girl, Undine, is disgusted that an outsider is fraternizing with a Maiden, and can summon a cybody (called a “mermaidoll,” heh) that can exist outside of zero time. She sends it after Wako, who’s singing outside where Sugata is. I’m not sure of the logic here. Shouldn’t she send it after Takuta? Anyway, we get another insane Star Driver fight scene, except this one happens in the real world, so no wild eye candy this time.

Sugata signs his own death warrant, or coma warrent.

Interestingly, Fish Girl’s story this week has a plot twist where the king drinks the squid-guy’s blood in order to sleep and never wake up. For our purposes the king wanted to die. We know that Sugata invoked King’s Pillar in order to save Wako, but I wonder if there wasn’t also a wish to be free of this nonsense on an island he is forbidden to leave. Well, the show will figure out a way to bring him back.

Yumeiro Patissiere Professional 6 continues with the grand tour of fairyland to pick up foodstuffs. I wonder why more fairies don’t do this to pass their exams, but there are a lot of things in this show I don’t understand.

We know there will be a crisis at one point, especially after the previews last week, but it doesn’t come early. The gang breeze through Powder Desert, Milky Lake, and Oily Jungle, aided by desperation and Johnny’s reckless driving skills. I will say he has a knack with a flying carpet. Little jokes along the way liven it up, and they change costumes again, for reasons that escape me, and Kashino.

The drama happens when they enter Baum Forest, named so because the trees are made of baumkuchen, though the forest is actually famous for its fruits and nuts (There are a lot of things in this show …). Someone’s been indiscriminately munching on the food and not cleaning up; naturally the Guardian of the Forest shows up, accuses the jerks of being responsible, and locks them up. What happens after that is standard Yumeiro fare.

It’s a letdown. The Guardian can’t believe the gang are potential real patissiers, so they make a pound cake for him using forest ingredients, a rock oven, and gathered firewood (wait, the trees are baumkuchen, so why can they … Sigh, there are a lot of things in this show …). Sort of a Yumeiro meets Survivor thing. The Guardian changes his mind, Johnny catches the real culprit, etc etc. The only question is who convinced the Guardian to give the cake a second chance? From time to time we see a figure behind a tree spying on everything, but we won’t learn who he/she is until next time. Otherwise it’s a mundane ending to what began as a fun episode.

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