Arakawa 5, Hyakka 5

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge 5 brings us the return of the sci-fi nut who thought Nino was a genuine Venusian, er, not that she isn’t.

He wants to live under the bridge with the rest of them, and bribes them with manga that he drew himself. Ric (everyone’s stopped calling him Recruit, or even Rec, so I’ll go along) is the only one against it, but that’s because of the way he treats Nino, not to mention that the manga drawn for him is the least complimentary. We get a little lesson on what types actually deserve to live down there. At first glance this guy, whom the mayor dubs “Master,” seems like a perfect fit, what with his weird SF fantasies and his drawings. For me, the viewer, why not let him in? He’s as entertaining as the rest. But I guess when you are pretty much the same person under the bridge that you were in real life, it won’t work. I think. Then again, what about Ric? Okay, I don’t get it. But I liked the manga he drew after he left …

The second story concerns Jacqueline and her anniversary of some kind with Billy. Nino and P-Ko go off to spy on them, and Ric and Hoshi follow. It’s odd seeing them work together for a change. The scene devolves into a classic gangster routine, but it has a happy ending. I don’t have anything more to say about it. The coda, concerning Ric imitations, is more amusing.

In spite of the occasionally good jokes and sight gags I am SO close to dropping Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls. Especially after episode 5.

On the right is Naoe, the world's worst undercover spy.

Sen’s brother orders a girl named Naoe to infiltrate Sen’s place in Japan and find out if she’s actually sheltering Sanada. Why? Naoe is an old friend of Sanada’s. Now, if Sanada’s presence is indeed a secret, sending someone she knows right to where she’s hiding seems like a stupid plan. It doesn’t help that Naoe actually hates Sanada (because of an incident regarding an earthworm, among other things) and breaks down the door the moment she gets there to pick a fight. This pretty much blows her cover. After she retreats (after being defeated by Sanada’s wind power—loved the bit where the others tie themselves down) she sneaks back at night and overhears suspicious conversation, and can’s resist talking out loud about it. Really, Naoe is the worst spy I’ve seen in some time.

The others watch as Munekira goes to get beaten up.

It gets worse. Muneakira is told not to kiss any more girls. He misunderstands a speech about boob sizes and is told he is the worst kind of man, and because of this, when Naoe comes back to challenge HIM (outraged that he’s kissing anyone–she’s completely forgotten her mission) he lets her beat the crap out of him. Then Sen kisses him. Sanada, who before was jealous, approves. Sorry, this show is a mess. A shame because it actually does, from time to time, make me laugh. I guess when the next episode comes along I will decide if I have the strength to keep watching.

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