Yumeiro Pro 7, Soredemo 6

In Yumeiro Patissiere Professional 7 the gang finish their tour of the sweets kingdom and witness the exam the Jerks have worked so hard for. Naturally it will be touching; naturally it will be downright weird.

Their last stop before returning is Egg Home, where all the eggs are made and sent through pipes to places around the kingdom. So, er, why go and get them when you can just pick them up? After that we learn more than I, at least, wanted to know about fairy reproductive system. You see, ALL the eggs are produced there. If you’re two fairies in love and want to have a child, you visit Egg Home, cross the Chamber of Trials (no indication what the trials are), then pray for an egg, which may or may not be given to you. Depends on your love, I guess. I am watching all this and speculating that maybe the eggs intended for eating are actually unfertilized fairy eggs, growing disgusted with myself as I do so, meanwhile the fairies and humans all think of the bonds they have with their own parents.

Ichigo's one-track mind.

Now we get to the touching part. All this time someone has been following them around. Now whoever it is becomes a little more blatent, leaving bits of food around for them. When the Jerks lock themselves in their kitchen to work on their exam recipe we learn it’s Kasshi’s mother. I’m kicking myself for not seeing it sooner. In this type of show just about every conflict gets settled within each story arc, well, apart from the long-term ones like the romantic angles and career goals. Kasshi and his mother differ on what Kasshi should do with his life. He wants to be a court patissier, she wants him to work the farm with her. They had parted ways without resolving that. Time to straighten it out.

It’s typical Yumeiro stuff. The mother had said all that because she didn’t want to add to his exam pressure (while, I’m guessing, doing so anyway, but in a different way). She comes to the competition (well, Chocolat drags her in) and inspires the nervous lad. On his end, Kasshi’s contribution to the dessert includes sweet potato, scandalizing the judges, but it’s his MOM’S sweet potato, after all. The queen intercedes and passes the team. And in the end Kasshi decides to make healthy vegetable-based sweets from her mother’s farm, a compromise. So that’s cleared up, and apart from a hint of a Kasshi/Chocolat romance(!) they’re headed back to what they call the real world, where, judging from the previews, Henri and Tennouji will have something to do. Just as well. It was a nice break visiting the fairy kingdom, but after three episodes I’ve had enough.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru 6 has three stories of no consequence.

Hotori disagrees with me.

Actually, more like two stories, but the second one has segments, well, the first one does, too. Forget it. I just liked the screenshot. In the first, Hotori shops for Toshiko’s birthday present and winds up getting a weird gift from Shizuka, the antique curiosities owner. Turns out it’s also Futaba’s birthday, very embarrassing. Gifts are exchanged. Jokes are made. Let’s move on. In the second, Hotori has to design a web page. She wants to make one for the cafe but needs a computer. Aha! Sanada has one! He also has a lot of porn, which he manages to hide, but you already know what will happen, right?

Having wreaked havoc on Sanada they move on to Futaba’s apartment. She’s in bed with a fever, so the girls decide to help out.

The best part was the sleepwalking Futaba trying to kill them. As I said, stories of no consequence, no matter how many there are.

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