Yumeiro Pro 8

Argh, went home for Thanksgiving and discovered my old laptop is too underpowered to play .mkv’s … Well, happy Thanksgiving!

Now that I’m back it’s too late to cover more than one show, and since I’m not crazy about pumpkin or mince pie, Yumeiro Patissiere Professional and it’s lovely desserts is the perfect choice. Now that they’re back from fairyland we can go back to individual members having crises, not to mention more jetsetting and silliness. This time: New York!

Our heroine in New York City.

It’s natural for this show to have all the characters talk about how much fun it would be to visit the Big Apple and instantly get a message from Henri to go there and visit Tennouji and her high-profile sweets shop. And it’s not long before we get an idea why. Empty shop, grumpy waitstaff, and Tennouji, who doesn’t want them to see how she’s faring. It’s livened up by the reappearance of Rick. Now Kashino has two guys to be jealous of, come to think of it, so do the other two.

Wherever Kashino goes, Miya is there.

We already know the deal, though the gang only learn it later. They have to turn around Tennouji’s shop. But instead of flat-out saying it, Henri only tells them that later. The intent is to let the characters have some fun sightseeing first–and to push up the weirdness level. Miya’s appearance on all the Times Square jumbotrons and sudden whisking away of Kashino might be her best entrance yet. Along with Johnny’s hitting on Ichigo this all kills some time. It becomes clear we’ve got a two-parter on our hands.

But we’ve got to get to our crisis sooner or later. The main problem seems to be that Tennouji is unwilling to bend to the tastes of the New York crowd. It’s a French pastry shop, so no American coffee, and a rude customer storms out (can’t blame that entirely on her). People outside would like to try the place out, but it’s expensive, and not “cozy.” Kashino had spotted warning signs from the start and had been thoughtful ever since. When they return, on a mission to prevent Miya from entering the shop (and why can’t she) they encounter a fight with the waitress. Now, the waitress has been bitchy from the start, but when Rick is arguing the same things she does you get the idea where the blame lies. So the big question is how to get Tennouji to lighten up? That’s been a question I’ve been asking since the original series …

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