Arakawa BxB 9, Yumeiro Pro 10

Two typical vignettes in Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge 9.

In the first, Shimazaki has fallen either for Whitey, or his line-making discipline. Much to Ric’s shock. As usual. Oh, they throw in an imagined (by Ric) domestic drama angle to make it more interesting.

In the second, Last Samurai, disgusted by the girls’ overly sugary tea party, invites the boys to a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. I may have enjoyed this more if I understood more (that is to say, anything) about such things. That’s all I can think of to say about this episode. It’s one where nothing happens except people act silly and Ric reacts.

Yumeiro Patissiere Professional 10 is also pretty much like many other episodes. There’s no demon to slay, apart from poor sales. Mostly it’s spent on Tennouji’s resurrection, and it’s pretty obvious from the start where it will go.

The shop is doing better but not well enough. Satsuki suggests a new concept, but how can could Tennouji think of such a thing? Everyone learns that Tennouji hasn’t taken a day off in, like, forever, so they practically order her to take one. Consider it a working holiday. She realizes that New York City is a huge group of cultures living together (while she’s touring the Cloisters, of all places). And she should be a part of it. She quickly gets her chance.

As so often happens in New York, there’s a wedding cake injury. Fortunately for the bride’s family, Tennouji is a professional. She whisks the damaged cake to the shop and it’s … augmented. This gets her invited to the wedding reception. She also goes to see the show Linda’s dancing in, and we get another concept, that of being part of an ensemble that works together to make the stars shine, and those stars are … New Yorkers! So now the shop has a new concept. You may wonder how a bunch of Japanese are going to overnight create a shop catering to NYC, but this show has rarely shown anyone having trouble with cultural barriers. Only Ichigo, and Johnny and Maize, and those moments are played for laughs.

Yumeiro Patissiere's artwork is never fancy, but they can on occasion come up with a nice image.

Everyone helps with the makeover, especially the fairies, who do some flower-growing magic. Now, Linda and a couple of her friends are there, too, but they don’t seem to notice the magic going on around them. Though one customer marvels that they get so many flowers to grow in Winter. I also wonder what will happen when the others leave and it’s just Honey and, er, whatever fairy follows Rick around. Will they create new flower art all the time? Is there a limit to their powers? I still think too hard about this show. The point is that Tennouji has found a new home, and is no longer thinking only about Henri. About time.

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