Tens: Star Driver, Ore no Imouto

Star Driver 10 is pretty straightforward, well, for a show such as this. Baseball, jealousy, spells, and a battle.

We start as usual with school activities, a baseball game between classes, the Onederberry Stars and the Twober Fighters. It’s even more lighthearted than usual as the animators have some fun playing around with baseball drama clichés as well as setting up a love triangle: Takuto, Marino, and the other team’s pitcher, Takeo, who is in love with Marino and of course is “Sword Star” from glittering crux. Takeo, enraged that Takuto ran into his beloved Marino running to first, uses some sneaky magic to strike him out Takuto to end the game.

So we already know what’s going to happen: Takeo is going to go to Zero Time and fight Takuto. But there’s plenty of time in the episode, so we get some character background first. Marina and Mizuno were first abandoned by their father, then their mother, many years ago. Naturally they grow very close, almost telepathic, though how Mizuno can not know about Marina being Manticore of Glittering Crux I don’t understand. Never mind. It’s easy to tell why Marino doesn’t want Mizuno’s identity of Maiden (I forget which direction) known.

We also visit the Vanishing Age lounge for some darts, though it’s a foregone conclusion what’s going to happen. Then it’s fight time. Is there anyone out there who watched this who did NOT expect Takuto to recite “Katami, Wakachita, Yagadanse” at a crucial moment? Really, they’d been hammering in that phrase for the entire episode. Pointless, too. Why didn’t Takuto just use his rockets before? Oh, well. The fight once again was great eye candy.

In Ore no Imouto 10 Ayese wants to give Kirino a nice otaku birthday present, because she pissed Kirino off while discussing figure collecting.

I've often wanted to ask the same thing.

And so a bizarre plot is hatched. Kirino’s friends figure a one-time collectable that’s not for sale would be the best. All they have to do is win a cosplay contest. The scenes where they come up with this are rather long, and it’s followed by another overly long scene where Kyousuke tries to convince Ayase to enter, playing a specific character.

I don’t know why Kyousuke even tried suggesting that. He knows fully well that Ayase hates otaku anyway. Was he hoping that guilt-tripping would make her do it? Fortunately for him, Ayase has her own solution. A friend, model and would-be idol singer named Kanako, who’s all cute to her fans, but to her inner circle …

Poor Kanako is conned into participating in the event. And she shocks everyone with the best performance and an easy victory. I’m not sure I like the ending that much. Ayase gets the collectible, Kirino is pleased as punch, but Ayase was left stranded at the venue, where she caused a scene and was apparently arrested. All available on the Internet! Sure, she was a brat, but she didn’t deserve that, especially after the hard work she did to make someone she didn’t know happy.

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