Some quick summaries before I go …

Since I have a bit of time, like another day or two, I can post some more. But my computer setup is more frustrating, so it’s not going to be the usual routine.

Kuragehime 8 moved Shuu’s story along nicely, thanks to the greed of the chauffeur and a misdialed number. So not only is Shuu and the girl being tailed, but Shuu knows all about it. At the moment it feels like a completely different story from Tsukimi’s. Kuranosuke is getting more ludicrous in his money-making schemes and in the end announces he’ll make a wedding dress for Tsukimi and they’ll make millions. Tsukimi rightly thinks he’s out of his mind. On the other hand we get the sweet moment pictured above.

I don’t have access to any notes, or Google, I don’t know how I’m going to write about A Certain Magical Index 10 coherently. Um, Touma and Orliana fight. Orliana doesn’t use a spell twice, which will be her undoing in the next battle. Then, when we learn that Academy City is going to be claimed by the Roman Catholics when they stick St. Peter’s Cross into the ground, changing reality and everything. Touma responds to this by meeting up with Index and getting introduced to Misaka’s mother.

It’s more Shiori slowness in The World God Only Knows 10. Endless quiet bits where she struggles to say a word. And we get another waltz-music interlude; this time she turns into a naked fairy. That livened things up a bit. Keima rattles her by dissing books. And slow progress is made. She accidentally flips her inner and outer voices and actually has a conversation of sorts with him. Meanwhile Elsie is still enamored with fire trucks.

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