Inconsequential new shows: Morita-San wa Mukuchi, Nyanpire, Twin Angel

It almost takes longer to say the title Morita-San wa Mukuchi than it does to watch episode 1. Reading about the story probably takes longer. Mayu, our heroine has learned to keep eye contact with the person speaking, and over-thinks her answers, so she winds up saying nothing at all. This can be both good and bad for her.

The good.

The bad.

It’s not a premise to milk half-hour episodes out of unless Mayu has an interesting internal monologue (so far she doesn’t) or her friends are entertaining enough to carry the load (so far they aren’t). But for three minutes worth of gags every week this might be all right.

Nyanpire 1 is 4 ½ minutes, but only three if you cut out the ED. A starving kitten is given drops of vampire blood as nourishment (I didn’t know vampires liked kitties) and becomes a vampire himself. Then he gets adopted, so the vampire blood stuff was pointless.

Apart from the introduction and the overly-long ED, all we get is Nyanpire searching for blood to drink. It’s not much, but the cat is somewhat cute. Let’s bring in more characters and see how it pans out. Oh, and cut the ED, please.

Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel: Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise!!, henceforth called Twin Angel on this blog, is proof that Madoka did not change the magical girl genre forever.

I’m at a loss about what to say. Just about everything about it is a cliché, so let’s look at the things this show does differently from other magical girl shows: Apparently the girls must power up using each other’s device (showing the value of friendship, I suppose), and during the power-up, they giggle a little. Um, I can’t think of anything else. Okay, that’s unfair. Twin Angels knows what it is, and because of that it can send itself up in occasionally entertaining ways, like the kitty-cat mecha device, but especially this:

Yup, he shows up when the girls are in serious trouble (they’ve been turned into cats), he flings flowers as weapons, and he’s secretly a school classmate, obvious to everyone but the two girls. This made me grin. I doubt I’ll be watching for long, but I’ll stick around to see what else they might have fun with … until I get bored.

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