A look at R-15 and Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi

Ouch, R-15 is pretty awful.

Our hero, Takuto, goes to an academy of geniuses, because he’s a genius porn novelist. Just about all the girls there are leery or openly hostile to him, and, as it turns out, with perfectly good reason. Naturally we get a lot of panty shots and fantasy scenes, and lots and lots of bad porn prose. This guy’s a genius? The genius newspaperwoman sends Takuto and Raika (genius photographer) to do a story on Fukune (genius clarinetist, who seems capable of playing only one piece of music). One look at her and his pornish prose turns to romantic light novel fiction (not that it gets any better), so we know where the story is going to go. The bad taste I can handle, but the telling was clumsy, lapses in timing, dull dialogue, etc. The highlight was when Raika tells Takuto to go back to his regular porn style, and rattles off some examples.

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi has some opening episode flaws as well, but the story looks a little better. 6 year-old Taito gets bitten by 6 year-old Himea, a cute little vampire. Jump forward and we see Taito as an amiable HS slacker (and the only HS character with blue/white hair I’ve ever seen in an anime who doesn’t snicker or grin evilly), accompanied by his would-be girlfriend Haruka. And there’s Gekkou, a grumpy star student and his weird sidekick, who’s looking at an interesting report about them all. Then things happen.

Now, if Gekkou’s reading a report about Taito and Himea, something must be up. Then Taito gets hit by a truck and his head comes off. But there’s no indication that Gekkou was responsible for this. Did he cause it? If so, why? So he can awaken Himea (who’s in some phantom zone getting shocked a lot)? Why? She was powerless where she was. And Taito, apart from a recurring dream, has no memories.

Some interesting questions arise apart from the usual “What’s going on?” Is Himea a good being or a bad one? Same with Gekkou, who stabs her at the episode’s end. Will it be love vs. the good of humanity? And what’s going to happen to poor Haruka? But the show has some pacing problems. There are good bits (the headless Taito scene is funny, yes, funny), but other parts, such as the Haruka/Taito banter early on, and especially Himea’s “He’ll come soon, won’t he” scene, take far too much time. But it’s all good enough for me to peek at episode 2, if not any more than that.

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