Sorting through episode twos

Episode twos roll by, and it becomes a little easier to decide what and what not to watch. For instance, that show that left such an impact on me that when episode 2 came up I couldn’t remember what had happened before, and I can’t remember the title. … you know, that show with rabbits in the title that isn’t Usagi Drop. Girl vampire. The guy loses his head. Whatever it is, ep2 was so bad that I dropped it. Though it did have a nice exchange between the bad guy and his flunky. “You look like the bad guy.” “I’m a genius.”

As for the other bunny show, Usagi Drop 2 was just fine. Same with Croisée and Natsume.

As for Twin Angel 2, alas, the less said the better.

I can’t say I’m going for this concept of a dystopian world that Shion in No.6 lives in. First of all, I can’t believe he would be so stupid as to suggest the city was hiding information out loud to a coworker in a public building, in a city where just about everything is filmed, recorded and tagged. Shion doesn’t have the first clue how to survive in a place like that when everybody there should. Plus, this particular dystopia is nothing new, and the story of a model citizen who discovers The Truth is as old as it gets. Still, I’m watching it. It’s certainly not bad enough to drop.

Himawari and Sakurako show their affection for one another.

Sadly, Yuruyuri 2 forgets about the concept of dropping the main character and continues in its pointless way. I guess the characters we met last week aren’t interesting either, for the episode veers off and pays attention to two more, who, alas, are also not very interesting. But they fight a lot.

A rather bleak thing for an information specialist to say.

Kamisama no Memo-chou seems to want to give us good mysteries with lots going on, but there was so much going on in ep2 that I totally lost track of things and wondered what that cell phone was doing hidden in the bag. Alice isn’t much help. When not snarking at Narumi every word she says seems to have two meanings to it. Well, if it was easier to follow maybe it would be a stupider show. Or maybe it’s just not telling the story well.

Blood-C's greatest mystery: is this a dog or a cat?

Blood-C 2 is pretty much the same as 1. It’s either in happy normal life mode or desperate bloody battle mode. I suppose a lot of people won’t like this show because it wastes time on the former, and likes to outright stop at times, I mean, how long did that cat, er, dog scene go? But I don’t mind it.

So which shows will I actually write about? Unlike before, I’m not going to write about every episode. I don’t have that kind of time anymore. Besides, as I said, I’m still sorting through the episode twos.

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