A few episodes I watched

After three episodes of No. 6 it’s partly what I feared. It’s a not very original dystopia story with rebels who want to see it torn down. But I think the series is aware of this as well and is going to play with our expectations for a while. Rat is a complete bore, justifiably angry, perhaps, but all the bitter thoughts characters like him are supposed to make, not to mention the snarky “I don’t give a shit what happens to them” comments, along with an abrasive smugness toward Sion, who’s only trying to figure out what’s going on, because he can get away with it. But Sion’s humanistic but naïve worldview balances it out. Episode 3 introduces us to another character, and the preview promises even more. Good thing, too. If this series was all Sion and Rat there would be nothing more to see.

Sparkly girl defense.

Rou Kyuu Bu through four episodes has nothing much new to offer. I liked how Subaru coached the girls to victory: convince the tall girl with height issues that she is the small forward, and teach cute, useless little Hinata to flop! That made me smile. Nothing else much does. Give it credit that I kept watching to see who would win the boys vs. girls game, but it’s time to drop it.

At least she has the sense to be embarrassed about her transformation.

I was hoping that Rie Kugimiya’s entrance would liven up Twin Angel, and she has her moments, but with one other exception the series is dull and predictable. The other exception was the battle Misty Knight has in a men’s bath.

Claude tries writing kanji.

The people in Ikoku Meiru no Croisée have problems. Claude is struggling to keep his shop operating in a failing shopping district. There’s the problem of Yune’s kimono. But the show’s tone is so gentle, and Yune is so disgustingly cute, that it’s hard to believe anything really bad will happen to anyone. If they do, it will happen sadly and gently, and will feel bittersweet. I’m an episode behind, so I don’t know what drama will unfold when the rich girl meets Yune. Maybe things will get serious after all. … Nah.

Ohana's movie dreams are shot down.

I’m disappointed that the movie plans in Hanasaku Iroha turned out to be a scam. That is, I’m disappointed for the people at the inn. They were having so much fun! But even when the scam was revealed it was still a solid episode. We had the glaring lack of leadership shown by Erishi demonstrating the power vacuum once Madame Manager leaves, changes in his relationship with Takata, and perhaps his mother. Oh, and now they have a pool. Ohana and the other young ‘uns do nothing this time but join in the fun and observe when things go sour.

Oh, I also watched this.

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