Last Exile Fam 1, Tamayura 2, Horizon 3

While I’m going to keep watching it, I’ve decided I won’t post any more about Fate/Zero unless the mood strikes me. After three episodes it’s clear that there’s too much backstory for me to consume to make credible reports, and I’m just not into it that much. I’ll probably stop posting about other shows I’m still watching too. Meanwhile, I finally got my hands on a fansub for another entry from a franchise with a rich backstory, and it’s been even longer since I saw the first series. Last Exile – Fam, the Silver Wing. And the first episode looks promising.

LSF centers on two plucky kids who ride a vanship and have adventures. Sounds familiar. Okay, the kids are both girls, but they have that Claus/Lovey feel about them; this is a good thing. Fam likes to bungee-jump in her sleep. Gisey is the voice of reason. Rather than hungry couriers, they’re hungry air pirates who captures ships for ransom. The other people on their ship are the types you met in the first series, pilots, mechanics, a rough and ready bunch … they’ve even got a guy(?) named Dio. And we got the evil Ades Federation who is about to sign a peace treaty with the good people (Their leader, Princess Lily, is the type who walks in her robes into lakes while Enya-type music plays, so she must be good) of Turan. Only there’s treachery.

Uh, Lily ...

Evil Premier Luscinia has ordered an invasion of Turan, to hell with the peace treaty, and wants Lily and, presumably, her sister Millia taken alive. When it was a simple peace ceremony, the people on Fam’s pirate ship couldn’t care less, but when they hear about the attack they leap into action. Fam declares that they’re after the Turan flagship for booty, but I wonder if she’s got other motives, apart from meeting real princesses. The dogfight sequences are as exciting and well-executed as the first series, though a little bewildering as to who’s doing what. I’ll get used to it after a few episodes. I hope more subs appear for this show.

I think they like it.

Tamayura – Hitotose has no complex backstory. Potte goes to live in the town her late father lived in, meets an old friend, and makes new ones. The trouble is, it’s one of those shows where so little happens that I can’t think of a thing to write about. I could rattle off moments … Dougou, their homeroom teacher is annoying, although the doll he made of his beloved gave me my only laugh of the episode. To be fair, the show does not try for belly laughs, maybe just a quiet chuckle amidst the serenity. What else? They try out a new dish. They have a sleepover. Potte’s father is brought up again. I know the point is that her memories are no longer sad, but warm, but they sure harp on the poor guy a lot. That’s my only real complaint.

This bit was easy enough to understand.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon has a backstory so complex and inane that it’s damn near impossible to figure it out. So for episode 3 I didn’t try. It comes off much better this way. It helps that they ease up (a little) on the exposition this time around, until near the end, when the floodgates open. Meanwhile Toomi has been running around about to confess to a girl for three episodes now, but hasn’t. There’s a threat of war, or something, but it hasn’t shown up. One girl spends the entire episode moping on some stairs. Later the kids throw a “festival,” which turns out to be a haunted house which gives them an excuse to blow stuff up. I think someone got murdered. A girl got run over by a carriage ten years ago. Oh, and sex-change girl becomes roommates with a girl in a wheelchair. I don’t understand a bit of it, and it’s better that way. In fact, I think I’ll keep watching, and avoid comprehension if I can.

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