Three threes and a two: C3, Horizon, Mirai Nikki, Last Exile Fam

I’m coming down with something, but I’m not sure what. All I know is it’s a little harder than usual to concentrate. So I’m going to pick shows tonight that don’t require it. Well, except Fate/Zero, but I’m not writing about that one anyway.

Three episodes in, and C3 hasn’t done what good shows should by now. I don’t find the characters interesting. What we’ve learned of the world is simply tossed in without a thought. Yet I’m going to keep watching it. I liked Fear’s dilemma in this episode, told she was too dangerous to fight, yet not wanting to be simply protected. I liked the scene she had with, er, glasses girl, because I in no way saw it coming and it ended in a silly way. But mainly I’m going to watch because the art and animation, though inconsistant, are often dazzling to look at. I think they try too hard to make it look like something Shinbo would do, but at least their attempts give me something to look at. In other words I guess I’m watching this for the same reasons I watched Yumekui Merry, though I like Merry more than I like Fear. Besides, any villain with a sword called “Dance Time” is worth watching for a while.

This episode is so confusing that even the show's weirdos are taken aback.

Koukai Senjou no Horizon is another show perfect for when I don’t want to think, because I have no idea what’s going on in it and I don’t really care. Episode 4 is interesting because the colorful students, well, most of them, don’t do anything this time but watch. The fighting and important (but incomprehensible) discussions are for Futayo, her father, and others, including the man who groped her butt last week. Futayo’s dad infiltrates something and leaves messages about the Genesis Plan, and the “Fatal wound of New Nagoya will go on a rampage,” which may or not be the same thing. Whatever it is, it’s going to destroy Mikawa. And, let’s see, some nuclear site is overheating. Maybe that’s the same thing. Who cares? And the mountain is glowing and giving off a big ray of light straight up. Meanwhile Kazuno the robo–, er, sorry, self-operating doll, who’s also a maid, and all her maidish lookalikes start to fight against whoever the hell it is who is fighting them. I think the bad guys are invading, or maybe everyone’s fighting each other. Kazuno whips out the “sword of intamacy” (I prefer “dance time”) against a mecha for a good fight sequence, then runs away. By now Futayo is in command of a warship, good for her! And she decides to … stand by. Meanwhile the kids, who have finished reacting to an actual ghost, are all watching this with interior monologues about how the world changed for them forever that day, nothing will be the same, etc. Well, yeah.

Mirai Nikki has done a good job so far. They’ve set up the story and the possible dangers well enough that even during the innocuous theme park scenes I kept waiting for someone to attack the two kids. And even though nothing happened the scenes worked anyway, as Amano tried to figure out why Yuno’s so attached to him.

Wait until you get her home.

They’re not alone, of course. Keigu, who I think is a good guy, and the police are watching them, for they are bait for Minene or whoever else my show up. But interspersed with “oh, my top fell off!” scenes we watch Minene attempt to escape the police patrols. It’s sort of odd at first, to see someone so insanely confident last week become so powerless. And it gets worse for her. Her prediction phone isn’t working right. The episode is getting more interesting. Then it gets flat-out nasty.

But nasty in interesting ways. Minene is rescued by some guy who keeps changing masks, then tortured for information. In the meantime Amano is stumbling around Yuno’s enormous home looking for a bathroom when he sees (and reads about) a sealed-up door. Here’s where it gets really interesting. His phone diary says he found the bathroom, but this sets off some strange impulse in his cowardly brain and he decides to screw his supposed future and open the mysterious door, which had everything but warning signs about deadly leopards on it. This freaks out everything, every magic phone flashes, even “god’s” lair starts to shake. As for what’s in that room, we can make assumptions. Not to mention that Yuno’s suddenly out to kill him. Once again the show has tossed out something I didn’t expect. Good job! Looking forward to next episode.

Confusing, but great to look at.

Last Exile Fam 2, near the end, gets as confusing as Horizon does. It’s the first part that’s straightforward. The Ades federation is invading Turan. Turan is fighting back. Princess Liliana is leading a fleet to intercept the Ades flagship The Impetus, but … well, here it gets confusing. The battle scenes are grand, almost overwhelming for an anime series, so I was distracted and have no idea when or how the Turan Flagship Lasas was boarded and Liliana taken taken. All I know is that plucky Fam and Giselle are now going to rescue her–in their tiny Vespa. Even Claus and Lavie would think this a bad idea … no, scratch that. We get more great flying footage, but now I’m wondering “What are they going to do when they get there?” The answer is, nothing much. The evil Luscinia mutters a few words, Lilian turns to light, and a moon falls out of the sky and sends out tentacles and smashes up Turan’s capital. I told you, just like Horizon. However, unlike that other series, I have some hope that it will eventually make sense.

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