Horizon, Tomodachi, and more Tamayura, even though I did one yesterday

Maon was cute when she was five years old and not whistling.

Tamayura – Hitotose 6 is harmless enough. We go back in time and discover how Maon made friends with Fuu and Norie. Interesting that they chose Maon; they featured her in an episode not long ago. And I don’t mind too much as long as she doesn’t overdo the whistling. Alas, in the first half, where she meets Fuu, she hears someone whistling (badly) and is transfixed by it. Later she tries to whistle to make two crying girls (unbeknownist to her, Kaoru and Norie) stop crying. She masters the art in maybe a second, and the world was doomed after that. In the second half she meets Norie again. I’m not usually a fan of the loud types, but they do a good job keeping Norie from getting too annoying, plus, if she’s shouting about stupid would-be boyfriends Maon won’t be whistling, so it’s all good. And again, when the show gets really ludricrous and has Norie understand what Maon’s whistling about, they turn it upside-down after the EF by demonstrating that Fuu and Kaoru can’t. This show has a good sugar-overdose detector.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 6 has no big battle scenes, so it isn’t as fun to watch as the last couple. Instead the characters settle down and try to figure out what their status is now, and what their next move will be. While we at home try to remember who’s on whose side and why we’re even bothering. They repeat enough things that I assume they’re important. Horizon, that living doll who’s got a mortal sinarmament weapon mixed with her soul (robots have souls, apparently, or maybe she borrowed one or they stuck one inside her. The original Horizon’s soul? Who cares, anyway?), is, I think a captive, but they’re being very nice to her. Meanwhile everyone in other scenes are hoping she won’t commit suicide. Then we get one of old guys, Sakai, himself in a very pleasant house arrest, chatting up another hot robot maid, meets up with other old weirdos Galileo and Innocentis, and apparently they have a grudge. Oh, the blond guy who lost the fight last week is healed and tortured a little by, er, someone. His sister, I think. Then a LONG classroom scene involving more exposition–if Horizon commits suicide,the Matsudaire clan will disappear, so the Mito Matsudaira clan will become the Far East Representative, meaning the student council rep is skipping class, attending a surrender ceremony where she tries to punch someone but fails. Then a tearful confession by the shy, nearly-blind Suzu, which is about the only part of the episode I understood. Then she has Toori grab her tits–okay, I understood that, too. In episode 7 the students face off against reps from … somebody, about whether to make war or not. We get one actual battle between a mecha (made of god of war parts) and a capitalist, a non-battle between Suzu and drill-haired Neito. Something about the honor of knights. Suzu tries to grab her boobs and falls instead. Everyone’s happy. Then Toori says let’s just give up. End of episode. I can’t wait to be confused next week as well.

Some of Rika's unique vocal stylings.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 6 was a letdown after two good episodes. Up until they actually visit the karaoke place all the scenes went predictably. Sena thinks it’s beneath her, but winds begging to go, etc. It gets a little better when they get to the place. Yozora thinks paying for one room for six people is a ripoff (she never had to pay for her air friend, right?), so tries to rent six rooms, one for each of them. Maybe that’s it. She and Sena wind up sulking in their own rooms, sulking, while Kodaka and the other three do what karaoke is meant for–have fun (except Kodaka’s fun is dampened by worrying about them). It’s actually a little sad. It doesn’t help that we have more flashbacks with Kodaka and Yozora as kids, or that Sena hints at a hidden connection between them that Yozora can only guess at (Yozora, who’s been rotten to Sena all episode, had it coming, but still). So in this show full of people with no friends, the happiest ones are those who join together anyway. Oh, bonus points for not feeling obligated to show every character singing.

Kobato's cute when she's planning to sing karaoke.

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