Three shows not up to much this week: Ben-To 8. Tomodachi 8, Kimi to Boku 9

Ben-To 8 overall isn’t much, just a long-winded way of introducing the twins Kyou and, er, the other one. I’ll call her Nee-San. They are infatuated with Sen after seeing her in battle, and are, apparently, formidable wolves themselves. But the episode works more as a bunch of quick gag scenes, or rather, normal scenes that degenerate into oddness, such as Satou’s jumping out a window to rescue his beloved Saturn console, freezing in midair to recite a lovely poem about caged birds, or even Asebi’s plunge down several flights of stairs. And you have vocal gags, like Satou’s screaming or the porn music played whenever Kyou or Nee-San enter his hospital room. As for WHY the twins have mistaken Satou, wrapped up as a mummy, for Sen, god only knows. You accept things like that to get to the silly parts. Well, the whole thing is silly, but you know what I mean. No battle this week, but every character holds their end up.

Another battle between the forces of light and darkness (darkness is in the middle).

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 8 is a strange episode. It looks like it’s going to be a pool episode, but there’s first a scene where Kobato finds a gothy reason to wear summer clothes to beat the heat which would have been funnier if not for the fanservice. Still, it’s Kobato at her ku-ku-ku best. Can’t complain. Then another good scene at the clubroom where everyone manages to mess with everyone else and the humor piles up. Sounds good, but then I notice that the episode is half over already. Will we have time to hear Yozora rattle off cynical comments about the popular scum? We do get the inevitable Yukimura in the dressing room scene, which told us nothing. But all of a sudden, Yozora and Rika are sick from the crowded bus and go home before even getting in the pool. This ruins it for the others, even Sena, and THEY go home. I guess there’s a point to be made about how it was no fun not to do it together and what that means as friends, but apart from a brief bit of introspection from Kodaka, and my personal speculation that Yozora is depressed and actually wanted to run away (though, what about Rika?) they don’t go any deeper. They just … go home. Leaving me scratching my head. This show is great fun when working as a comedy, but it needs work incorporating the more serious issues.

Kimi to Boku isn’t much, either. It’s school festival time, and everyone’s doing the usual school festival stuff. Kaname is in charge of it, and naturally it’s driving him crazy. Getting the mostly apathetic or clueless students to do things is bad enough, but it almost seems like the twins are deliberately trying to make his life more miserable. More miserablBoe than usual, anyway. Never mind Chizuru. At least Shun stays out of trouble. Worst of all is that Kaname is the type who doesn’t delegate authority, or maybe there’s no one competent enough to delegate it too. Most of the bits don’t work, and we’re supposed to be touched at the end because Yuuki or Yuuta manages to copy some things on his own? And this was only the preliminaries. I’m not looking forward to the festival itself.

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