Episode dump: Ben-To 10, Bakuman 11, Tamayura 10, Kimi to Boku 11

Ben-To 10 makes me wonder about the use of magical items found in supermarkets. It’s obvious to anyone who’s used them that shopping baskets have some sort of fundamental magic to them, something which causes them to knock items off the shelf when you’re not looking. But to have the weird black stuff coming out of them that Orthrus, i.e., Kyou and nee-san, i.e., the twins, use to defeat the Ice Witch, I dunno. It’s pushing whatever physical and unnatural laws the show had in place. On the other hand, battling with baskets is such a good idea I wonder why the other Wolves don’t use it. As far as the story is concerned, seeing Sen go down was for me a bit hard to watch, but the show had to do it sooner or later, and she WAS double-teamed. But it’s hard to follow a battle when all three are have the same uniform and hair color. Since Kyou and Kyou are comfortably in the opening credits now, I assume there will be a face turn in the future, hopefully after they lose a battle for once.

Eiji's opinion of Future Watch

With Bakuman II 11, the boys embark on their goal to both win the monthly contest with Future Watch and get a serialization with Ten. Okay, they really want a serialization out of Future Watch, but many people disagree, especially Miura. And in the end, both appear as one shots; let the readers decide. Meanwhile, they begin to suspect that Miura’s opinions, especially about gags, are suspect, and newly serialized Takahama is beginning to agree. And in the end, well, it’s hard to keep watching this show sometimes. Everything is such a damn grind. You work your butt off and no one cares. On the other hand, real life is like that, too, especially in creative fields. Success doesn’t magically appear. You have to work hard AND get lucky. You have to give Bakuman credit for that, even if it makes everything move at a snail’s pace. But there were good moments, Eiji’s good for a laugh, Ishizawa reappears for a bit, and Nakai meets Kato …

Tamayura ~ Hitotose 10 gently drew me in to Kaoru’s problem and then proceeded to drive me crazy, gently. It was set up nicely. Everyone thinks Kaoru’s acting strangely. How they can tell is anyone’s guess, because Kaoru up to now has shown little personality at all. It’s her sister who’s the driving force in her family. But, okay, she’s acting strangely. Everyone else seems to know what they want to do, except for Maon, who has so many things she wants to do she can’t decide. Not knowing what you want to do with your life at age 14 or 15 is expected, you know. Besides, I thought they had gone over this theme with Maon. So they drag her off to the little cafe and they all talk about it until Kaoru announces theres something she wants to do: an “Ourselves Expo,” with Norie’s sweets, Fuu’s photographs, and Maon doing a whistling exhibition (No! NOO!), and a corner for Kaoru’s popurri. It feels a little sad. These are all, to put it bluntly, “first-world things,” what you’d do if you were living in some small town by the sea with a heavy tourist presence. Places like this are fine to visit, to enjoy some views, view fresh air, and forget about the real world for a while. But to people just starting out in life, with so much else to experience, I don’t know. It bugs me that they won’t look beyond their little touristy town, nice as it is. Just like this show is nice to watch once a week. But no more than that.

Kimi to Boku 11, our other slice of life show, though more realistic, has Yuuki maybe or maybe not developing a crush on a lunchlady. It’s hard to tell with him. Every chance he gets to do something with her can be easily construed as a normal interaction in school. Except for the last part, where he helps her wipe down tables for a couple of her convenience store stickers (collect thirty and you get a plate!), which he actually could care less about. The lunchlady, Kayo, is an ordinary young woman, and it seems even Yukki isn’t sure what the attraction is, apart from his talk about hair curled around a finger, this week’s poetic statement that sort of reflects the episode. None of the other characters have much to do. It’s refreshing to see Kaname amused by something for a few seconds. And how long does it take for paint to dry, anyway? I know they said they can’t use the roof for lunch because it’s getting colder, but no one takes the sign down. Such are the thoughts that go through my mind as I watch ths show.

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