Last Exile Fam 11?, Boku wa Tomodachi ends, Kimi to Boku 13

After watching Last Exile Fam 10 (or as the subber has it, 9.5) to catch up on the action (all the battles in one episode! Whee!) it’s time to settle in for some new material in episode 10 (or 11). The show wastes no time. In fact, it’s one of those episodes where so much happens you can’t quite figure out how they jammed it all in. We start with the ceremonies commemorating the treaty between Anatory and Turan, lots guns going off and drinking of non-alcoholic (so they say) beverages. Then, the show gives us its big whammy.

Someone got to Liliana

First, we’ve learned via a new character, Alvis(?), that Liliana is still alive! Hooray! Then she shows up–in a Ades warship. Oh, shit. She’s declaring peace, put down your weapons, everyone! The looks of shock and dismay on the main characters’ faces says it all. It’s one of those maneuvers that even if you’re on the other side, you still say “well played.” The Federation, by turning Liliana to their side, however they did it, has just royally screwed Turan. The troops will follow Liliana. Tatiana, Alzey, Millia, Fam etc., don’t know what hit them, but they have to make a move fast. If they can figure out what to do at all. Actually, it gets kind of depressing. No matter what the good guys do, Luscinia has already anticipated it. Soon there are Guild creeps all over the ship, and while Dio manages to engage one of them, the rest of them run amok, and soon the Silvius has lost all power and is crashing into the ocean.

Apart from the fact that they're fleeing for their lives it looks like a nice day.

Which is seen by Fam, Millia and Gisey, who have managed to escape, though their vanship is damaged and they’re tailed by three Ades ships. Cliffhanger ending, as it should be. Sounds pretty bleak, but there’s plenty of foreshadowing in this episode as well. Shy little Alvis can control the Anatory Exile, and apparently the oldest of Turan’s bloodline can as well, which right now means Liliana. Also, Fam and co. are headed toward Glacies territory, and we had a bit of dialogue about them earlier, and guess which Glacies pilot spots them? Last Exile likes to use Chess metaphors with its chapters, but this time I’m more reminded of playing an online dungeon crawler where you step into a new area and it all lights up for you. Time to bring Glacies into the game.

One of the reasons I'll miss Yozora.

Goodbye to Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. Kodaka has just learned that Yozora was his childhood friend (and supposed boy) Sora. What will be the earth-shattering consequences?? Er, not much really. We get a series of flashbacks showing Yozora’s side of the story, but the only revelations we get from it was that she knew even earlier than she let on, and that she formed the club not to meet friends but as a place for she and Kodaka to be friends. All those other strange people getting in was a major inconvenience to her, but we sort of knew that already. There’s a half-hearted attempt at playing a blame-game for not showing up on that one day, but both sides really know that that’s not fair. The biggest question is whether Kodaka should start calling her Sora again, i.e., are they still the friends they were in grade school. The answer is a smart one. Just like in that first or second episode, the two main characters demonstrate that they are more intelligent and perceptive than the nature of the show let on, one of the things that first attracted me to it. That being settled, they proceed to the other thing that attracted me, a scene where all these weird people act weird together. For me, the Boku wa Tomodachi clubroom scenes were a highlight of my viewing week, and I’m going to miss them, and this show. It gave me my biggest laughs of the season, and there was a sadness lurking behind the quirks of each character that sometimes overbalanced the show, but not all the time. How about a sequel?

I don't know whether I should feel sorry for the children or the highschoolers.

Little to say about Kimi to Boku 13. The lads return to their old kindergarten as part of a work experience project, and nothing happens that you don’t expect. Yuuta (or Yuuki) is a hit with the girls. There’s one problem kid who they help out (the surprise is which of the gang is going to do the helping). The big thing is, of course, that Kaori, Kaname’s kindergarten love, still works there. I was curious about how she’d look now, and the creators did the right thing, making her an average-looking adult woman. Still, it all makes Kaname clench his fist a lot. Elsewhere, it was nice to see Yuuta play house with a smitten girl and play it straight. He knows who he should mess with and who to leave alone.

2 thoughts on “Last Exile Fam 11?, Boku wa Tomodachi ends, Kimi to Boku 13

  1. Toward the end of the episode though, I was battling between trying to laugh or trying to stop smiling when Maria and Kobato were battling it out. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen little kids fight over things, but I don’t remember it being this fun to watch! Almost like a milder version of Sena and Yozora, it would seem Maria and Kobato are going to round out the Neighbors Club with another pair constantly fighting girls.

    1. Yeah, Kobato and Maria’s little fights were always entertaining, especially with their strange mindsets. I always loved it when the clubroom scenes would descend into chaos.

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