Finally! Two NEW shows! Ahem, well …

So far this year the shows I’ve watched and noted here have been sequels or continuing series. Today I got my first glance at new shows. Are they a presage of things to come? What does the first season of the new year hold for us?

An assassin, a ninja, and an idiot. Can you tell which is which?

Kill Me Baby … It’s too early to tell. From episode one we get a good idea what the rest of the series will be like. Little sketches about Sonya the assassin, her best friend Yasuna the normal girl/idiot, and Agiri the ninja, and their little adventures at school when Sonya and Agiri aren’t out doing assassin and ninja stuff. Sonya is dead serious all the time and so needs someone to react for her (Yasuna’s job). She obviously has a lot of skills, but she’s scared of cockroaches, ghosts and dogs, so they tend to appear more often in a public school than normal. A lot of the humor relies on Yasuna’s reactions to things, and she’s not bad. She can turn her idiocy on and off and actually got the show’s best laugh doing just that. I would say that Agiri is the more interesting professional killer character because the show makes certain that you don’t quite understand the way her mind works, but she has a lazy vocal delivery which slows things down. In fact, that’s the general problem with the episode. Like other episode ones I’ve seen, it hasn’t got its pacing quite right yet; we get a lot of odd pauses that make you wonder if the creators were in a rush to get it ready. Happily, that can be fixed. Timing aside, I didn’t find it particularly funny or unfunny. We’ll see.

Oh, god, not a recorder ...

I hope every episode of Recorder to Randoseru isn’t going to go the way of episode one. After a minute or two of setting up the situation (Atsushi is a young boy in a handsome man’s body, Atsumi is his high school aged sister who looks like a grade schooler), we get one of the inevitable stories: Atsushi is picked up as a possible child molester because he’s fraternizing with a classmate, a little girl). Atsushi acts as if it’s the first time this has happened. Surely by that point, the neighborhood, not to mention the police, would know all about Atsushi and not drag him off to the station. They introduce another inevitable theme as well but don’t follow through with it this episode: Sayo, one of Atsumi’s high school classmates, gets all blushy when she sees Atsushi. That leaves one other that I can think of: when Atsumi confesses to some boy she likes and he can’t figure out how to handle it, or he reciprocates and HE’S dragged off as a child molester. Apparently recorders will be an ongoing theme, which terrifies me. On the other hand, I liked how Atsushi’s voice actor put little boy inflections into his adult voice.

As for the new season? Er, well, it’s early yet.


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