New Shows: High School DxD, Amagami SS Plus

I suppose there has to be a show or two like High School DxD every season.

One of the few bits with no boob or panty shots.

Issei, a typical oversexed high school male, is lamenting the fact that he’s been at his predominantly female school for about a year, and he still hasn’t touched a boob. No wonder, when he spends the whole time talking about it with his loser friends or trying to peek into the girls’ changing room and getting beaten by the kendo club for his trouble (I cheered for the kendo club). We know things will change, though, because the episode’s first moments have him going on poetically about the blood on his hands matching the color of a girl’s hair, though even that had a closeup of a girl’s chest. In fact, half the episode seemed to be closeups of one body part or another. Anyway, a cute girl he’s never seen before asks him out and at the end of the date she turns into a winged demon, mutters something about the Sacred Gear, and kills him. This is where Issei’s one-track mind actually earned from admiration from me. Even while he lays there dying he can’t stop thinking about the peek he got during his killer’s transformation scene.You have to admire a character so devoted. Since he is the main character naturally he doesn’t die, well, he does, but he’s turned into a demon by Rias, the red-haired girl, just as he’s waxing poetic again. Later he revisits the fountain where he died and is nearly killed AGAIN, this time by a guy in a trenchcoat, who, happily, doesn’t undress. When he wakes up, Rias is naked in his bed. You get the idea. I might watch another episode, but frankly this first one did nothing to me. Issei isn’t interesting at all unless, as I said, his devotion to sex distracts him from more important things, like dying. I’m a little curious about these different demon factions walking around. Otherwise … nah.

Let’s look at another high school boy with certain thoughts on his mind. Junichi and the girls return for Amagami SS Plus (or is it Amagami SS +” or “Amagami SS+ Plus?”), and apparently we’re going to get a couple of episodes for each girl showing the aftermath of the big romantic moments we saw in season one.

Ayatsuki! Kaoru! Junichi! Welcome back! Oh, sorry to interrupt ...

We start with Ayatsuji, Junichi’s last conquest not counting the stalker and Miya, who doesn’t count. She’s running for student council president and chooses Junichi as his running mate without telling him, which would be a typical Amagami thing to do, but then it gets spiced up more when a total stranger named Kurosawa also chooses him. What’s more, the preliminary rankings give Kurosawa a big lead (love the threatening violins during this part). After some cheerful campaign scenes, including Sae in a swimsuit (she’s running to overcome her shyness. How much you want to bet that was Miya’s doing?) and a bit where Ayatsuji poses for a poster, they’ve nearly caught up. So Kurosawa tries to screw up their relationship.

Kurosawa being evil.

This entire time no one was completely sure why Kurosawa chose Junichi as her vice-president. Was it a sort of confession, as Kaoru suggests, or because she has a grudge against Ayatsuji? Junichi being a typical male, he can’t help but consider the former and falls right into the trap. Sigh, Junichi, when a girl you barely know jumps up and kisses you, and you have a girlfriend, you should pull away, not just stand there! This is akin to the “boy falls on top of girl, accidentally puts hand on boob, doesn’t remove hand” syndrome you see in too many series. And it’s disappointing behavior from him. Junichi has always been distracted by his hormones but earnest in his girl-wooing. He doesn’t look around. Yet here he is, letting himself be kissed in front of Ayatsuki. Oh, well. Apart from this one lapse Junichi is the same as he was in the first series, making the occasional mistake but somehow knowing what the right thing to say is and usually saying it, when he isn’t kissing knees or belly buttons. I’ve said it before: he knows what to say to a girl. The rest of the cast hasn’t skipped a beat, either, though I’m waiting for Miya to whip out her “Nish-shi-shi-shi!” laugh. Happy to see Amagami back.

2 thoughts on “New Shows: High School DxD, Amagami SS Plus

  1. watch episode 2 and 3 of highschool dxd and it does get better. Whoever wrote this blog is an idiot. earned “from” admiration? – I know you watch anime alot, predominantly japanese… etc. but get the grammer correct please.

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