Last Exile Fam 13, High School Boys 2, Papa no Iukoto 2

It’s been so long since I’ve seen Last Exile – Fam do a current episode that I’d forgotten what the hell was going on. Bad guys attacking the Silvius is all I know. I don’t remember how Fam, Giselle and Millia wound up in the hands of Dian, the Glacies pilot they had helped before.

Dian is going to be Fam's friend whether she wants to or not.

It’s a quiet episode (mostly). Fam and Gisey work to fix their damaged vanship and in the meantime bond with Dian as well as they can. It’s a good thing Millia can speak Glacies, or who knows what would have happened, for they’re in Glacies territory, and Dian is the only person around (she apparently has time off, and a direct link to vanship supplies. Which is weird considering their own ships are nothing like Fam’s). So she becomes their cultural liaison, not to mention entertainment, for their stay. Nothing really new in this story; Fam and the girls are lively, while Dian is, while not sour, reserved and cynical. In a cute scene (hell, all the Fam scenes here are cute), Fam describes the Grand Race and how she wants to make it a reality again, while for Dian that last race was the end of peace for Glacies and the beginning of the time when flying means fighting.

Dian has good reason to be cynical. The Federation is mounting an attack on Glacies, using provincial navies. We get a quick scene with Lillia, who is not happy, and officers praising Augusta, who shouldn’t be happy but is. When she’s going to make her turn the show gives no hints, unless it’s her companion/nurse who does it. But the attack is saved for the final moments. Everything before is a meeting between two cultures which don’t trust each other and culminates in a lovely bit where Fam takes Dias up in the repaired vanship to feel the wind. It’s the first moment of this grey episode where we see the sun. Good stuff, but next week it looks like there’ll be plenty of battling. Well, in this series, that’s good stuff too.

Daily Lives of High School Boys 2 has another handful of uneven vignettes. Seriously, I don’t know what it is with this obsession with girl’s underwear is. On the other hand, some running gags are beginning to appear. I like the girl by the river thing. I like the pointless activities going on behind the main pointless activity, like Hidenori climbing on top of Toshitaki. But what I liked best was the odd school play they put on during the closing credits. It makes absolutely no sense at all, and meanwhile other cast members sit in the audience with either mild amusement or disgust. Good stuff. I just wish they’d lay off the underwear for once.

Off to the orphanage with you! HAHAHAHAHA!

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai 2 takes a nosedive. Episode one showed two sides of Yuuta’s life, his typically disgusting but entertaining college life and the new family life he had yet to adopt. All well and good. We had some possibilities for cheap laughs and sentiment. This episode starts on the sentiment side. Yuuta takes care of the three girls for a day, then learns it’ll be for a week. It was only after the parents had left and they over-extended the twinkle twinkle scene too far that the “Ah, fuck!” realization. “They’re not really going to give us this cheap plot device, are they?” And when I mean “cheap,” I mean the easy way they get Yuuta and the girls living together on a permanent basis. It’s actually worse than that. It’s cynical, emotional manipulation heightened by hearing all the adoring “oniii-chans” up to then. All I can hope for is that now that they’ve set up the situation the show will grow stronger, like Cross Game, though it feels wrong to compare a great series to this one.

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