Last Exile Fam 15, Amagami and HS Boys 5

After the wild events of the past two weeks of Last Exile – Fam everyone is content to get their affairs in order or become turncoats. It’s also a way for us to see the current political, military, and exile-ly status of the principals. Most important, it’s where where little Sara Augusta is finally convinced that Luscinia’s technique of blowing up the other side’s ships and dropping huge moon-things on their capitals isn’t the best way to unify the world. But how much of this can she understand? What’s more, there are lots of undercurrents here. Dian and what’s left of Glacies will only grudgingly fight for Millia, the sister of the woman who dropped an exile their land. In a depressing (for the ethnic stereotypes as well as the emotions they’re exhibiting) scene, a war council of sorts becomes a “Let’s all kill that bitch Liliana” fest, much to the frustration of her sister, as you might expect. Millia also sees people who want nothing more than to return to their homeland, people who were there before she was. Again, how much of this can Sara comprehend? It doesn’t really matter. Fam does her usual thing, becomes Augusta’s excellent friend, and thrills her with exploits of the grand race, something they can share. She’s got the right idea. Let’s unite everyone for a beautiful and noble dream! I wonder how many of the soldiers can be talked into that …

You can't keep Junichi down for long.

Some people didn’t like it, but Ai’s story was one of my favorites in the original Amagami SS series. The romance was nothing much, but they had this weird theme going on concerning things in liquids. Ai’s a swimmer, of course, but also the ramen stall, the fact that she turned into ramen at one point, and then they were bobbing about together in a hot spring. The return to Ai here doesn’t feel the same. Oh, it’s still playful and mildly sexy (how did Junichi’s request to sleep on her belly turn to that? And can you think of a better situation to be chastised than by a group of angry girls in swimsuits, or whipped by that fantasy cram school teacher?), but some of the unintrusive weirdness that marked the Ai story is missing. What’s more, the story isn’t terribly dramatic. Junichi, through no fault of his own (he says) has to attend a cram school camp, thereby missing out on their anticipated Christmas Eve date. Frankly, I don’t think they could have topped last year’s anyway, even without the deer breeding (okay, there’s SOME weirdness to this episode), but now they don’t get any fun at all and we get lots of shots of Ai looking sad. But don’t worry, Ai! This is Junichi we’re talking about. It’ll be fine.

The second-to-least funny skit in the episode was still pretty funny.

Daily Lives of High School Boys has become the one show this season where the credits arrive and I say “Aw shit, already?” Then I notice that there’s still several minutes to go yet and they just did it early … Seriously, unlike my first encounters with this show, now I try to figure out which skit was funniest. Was it dubbing the girls? Motoharu’s seniority issues? The play-acting the boys do to save a stranger’s heroic fantasy? The only one that didn’t work was the rubber-band hero. Just a little too far out of bounds of reality for this show. Next from the bottom was the glaring girl, but I laughed at it. … As for my favorite I’m going to have to go with the Ringo-chan scene.

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