Catching up with Fam and Symphogear

As you probably know by now Last Exile – Fam 15.5 or whatever was another flashback episode, so I kicked back, pushed the button, and wondered why another one? Production issues? But then that music kicked in. Cloud Age Symphony is still one of my favorite OP songs ever. And it was good to see the old folks in action again, even if it was told from Dio’s POV so I didn’t get to see as much of them as I wanted. It all looked a little … old, murky. Still great to look at, but I felt like we were watching a old film. So it was interesting to then watch ep16 and watch the new folks. After all that old footage some of the new stuff looked a little fake. The characters, at least early on, looked almost cartoonish. The look either went away or I got used to it because I had no problem later.

As for the episodes story, centering on the battle for … ah, didn’t write it down, with Orang and Sorush’s motives finally coming into play, it felt perfunctory. We’d been waiting to see what the two generals would do when the crisis (firing on Sara) came, but we’re talking about big issues. The two friends have had strong beliefs about their purpose as soldiers since they were small, and while we’ve seen them (Orang, at least) thinking and full of doubt, when the time came for Orang to fire on Sorush’s vessel it felt rushed. The show hadn’t spent enough time, maybe could never have spent enough time, to show the thought processes, the weighing of loyalties which now conflicted. The creators did a much better job with the aftermath. Orang, Sorush, Vasant and Sara had spent a lot of time together and could all be considered friends. The consequences of Orang’s betrayal, even though he now becomes an unofficial good guy, devestates all of them, to the point where Sara will not even let Vasant see her. What is to become of their friendship, much less the war itself?

That was later. Earlier we got a lot of Fam and her own internal conflicts. She had never fired a weapon at anyone, never wanted to kill, yet she wanted to participate in the battle. We see signs of what you could call weakness here. She freezes up and can’t fire her guns straight. And when she regroups and they try to do a sky pirate number on Sorush’s flagship they find themselves overmatched. It was the first real failure we’ve seen from her. You begin to see how her aspirations, grand as they are, may not be practical for the challenges their side must overcome. But, hell, at least she tried.

HIbiki tries to reach the enemy.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear 6 settles down and mostly repeats the same things as before until finally at least one issue gets resolved. Miku sees Hibiki battling Chris so now she knows why she’s being stood up all the time. Her best friend is a superhero. I’m glad that’s resolved; Miku was getting more pathetic by the episode. Now, of course, she’ll get all worried whenever Hibiki runs off somewhere, but it’s better than not knowing. Otherwise, except for that battle which Hibiki wins in spite of her inability, we get political talk, inspirational talk from Tsubasa, Hibiki and a lunch counter lady. The highlight is Hibiki’s rattling off of pointless information at Chris, to which the latter can only go Huh? and I hate you.

Just hop in, Hibiki.

And then I watched episode 7. Sigh, it looks like we’ll get a lot of wounded-heart Miku before she becomes a worrywart. The initial lashing out she did at Hibiki was unexpected, but after that it was a lot of scenes of her sulking and Hibiki getting all watery-eyed. Give it a couple of episodes. Apart from that, it looked like we’d get some healing for Chris after being abandoned and then helping out two lost children, but now she looks like she’ll be dead meat after Finé is done with her. Why Chris came back to the mansion I don’t know. Oh, the bad guys think they’re saving the world and the good guys are dealing with dark power, well, so are the bad guys. And Ryoko gives some babbling exposition about symphgear armor to make more confusing for us. And what’s with those girls in the cafeteria? Were they trash-talking or just playfully teasing? And who the hell ARE they? Man, this show is a mess. And so my mind wanders, like when Hibiki makes a nervous laugh that sounded exactly like Madoka in episode 12, and I speculated on the connection between the two shows, that is, gaining great power that might destroy them, and then I decide I think too much.

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