Ho hum four sevens … Another, Lagrange, Moretsu, Kill Me Baby

'Red rain is falling down ... red rain ...'

Another 7 gives us a Kubodera’s spectaularly bloody death at the very start, and then speculation runs rampant. The fact that the pressures put on Kubodera from both teaching this doomed class and taking care of his sick mother might have driven him to slashing himself up before his shocked students (honestly, couldn’t he have done that at home? The deaths don’t need to be public), which opens up speculation about whether the forces meant for him to do that. Nevertheless, he’s a goner, disproving the ghost student theory and bringing our two heroes back into normal social reality, for what good that does anyone. Now everyone’s trying to figure out who’s the actual dead on in the class, and it begins to settle down into detective work and a field trip that worked once before but not since. Meanwhile there’s a guy Yuuta’s sister knows who might have some useful information, yet no one has actually thought to visit him before? All those corpses through the years, you’d think SOMEONE might have looked him up?

Moretsu Pirates 7 continues with the ridiculous fake pirating of luxury yachts for entertainment value. I wonder how the pirates on board the Bentenmaru sleep at night? Oh, and there’s Marika’s life back on Earth, too, as she tries to sustain both her grades and pirate training and fails at the former, which leads to friends worrying about her. In other words, more of the same … but wait! Something’s afoot! The yacht’s escorts didn’t surrender in the usual manner, and Chiaki gets a worrying phone call, and now they have a stowaway! But she’s a little girl princess (as we learn from the previews), so it looks as though the show’s going to continue with its fluffy ways for the near future, no matter the talk of things changing. The thing that keeps me watching is Marika’s progression. It’s clear that the crew are taking her training as gently as possible, letting her command when she can and stepping in when they have to (like when the escort ships do something suspicious). I’m waiting for the inevitable real crisis where she has to get out of things by herself.

Rinne no Lagrange 7’s interestinng bits, the flashbacks, are about the only interesting thing in the episode. For a while I was confused. We had Lan telling us that Villagiulio was once a crown prince and was a great hope for peace, yet when we see Muginami’s apple-laden memories, he’s a youth on the mean streets of U-Go, where t’s always winter, the sun never shines, and everyone is either stealing from or shooting each other. Which one is he? Rather than a more interesting explanation (alternate realities or something) we learn he got deposed–by Lan’s people. Okay, that’s pretty interesting too, and it explains the tension between them. I’m not sure what the apples were all about except they’re a sign of nourishment and well-being, maybe. They had a beach thing going, too. U-Go’s beach is cold and depressing while in Madoka’s world it means warmth and relaxation or romantic moonlit evenings, you know, happy stuff. The other bits are just the three girls making up and getting naked a lot.

And I watched Kill Me Baby 7, but again I don’t have anything to say about it.

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