Amagami+ 9, Moretsu 9, Papa drops a plate 8, Kill me Baby … er …

Sae, being so quiet and shy, could have been the weakest girl in the original Amagami SS series, but they covered for that by adding more comic bits. With Plus the same bits are back, and again what could have been a deadly-dull episode was … satisfactory.

There are still dead spots. While Sae has blossomed under Junichi’s tutelage and is now a school idol, now capable of talking not only to vending machines but to human beings, she’s still too quiet to carry a scene. Worse, Junichi has begun to feel the pressure. “What’s THAT loser doing with our beloved Sae?” That sort of thing. It leads to an excruciating scene where he tries to order her lunch and agonizes forever while the queue lengthens behind him. I hate scenes like that. Happily, nothing much comes of it. In the Amagami world many moments which seem important turn out to be nothing at all. The show breezes on.

I hate to think of this series without Miya messing things up.

As for the added bits, they come again through the perpetually amused narrator, and especially from Miya, mishearing some minor news that leads her to believe Sae’s having an arranged marriage. As for the story this time, I’m still looking for it. Junichi panics at the false marriage news which leads to a cute scene. Sae’s put in charge of the founders festival, and Junichi, eager to play instructor again, tells her to go for it. There’s a moment where Junichi’s talking to his buddy and seems doubtful about something, though what, I don’t know. Maybe of what he could possibly do if Sae grows to the point where she doesn’t need him anymore. The episode is called “Doubt,” but apart from that I don’t know what anyone’s doubtful about.

The most annoying thing about Moretsu Pirates is that almost every time the Bentenmaru has a crisis, it turns out to be nothing that requires blasters or explosions. Not to say that the opening scenes in episode 9 were disappointing. It was nice to see Marika quickly snap into action and defuse the potential battle, with Gruier’s help, of course. Um, why did Marika dress her as a pirate, anyway? Was it to see how cute Gruier could look in the pirate captain outfit? … So two dangerous people from a Serenity ship greet Gruier … and then just leave. But, aha! we got a new plot about looking for a mysterious “Golden Ghost Ship.” Sounds like fun … And Marika returns to school. These little deflations will be the death of the show. Why do it? So Gruier could have more cute scenes, this time with the Yacht Club?

Why this scene was in the episode at all?

Be fair, the show is prepping for future scenes full of intrigue and danger! At least I hope. So after those scenes, and a bit with Chiaki which hints that they may be rivals in this ghost ship hunt, we thankfully return to action as the Bentenmaru prepares to search an impossibly huge sector of space, full of black holes and “clouds,” for the ship. What happened to school? I know there was all that business of learning to fake attendance, but this search realistically could go on until Marika is older than her mom is now. Never mind, it’s a real mission this time. No one’s said anything but Marika seems to have passed all her Bentenmaru training tests and is a real captain. When did that happen? This show skips some important things and pays too much attention to others.

The evil landlord is challenged by the forces of cute.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai 8 is kept interesting by having more than one possible outcome. Yuuta’s friends could find him a new place (what’s wrong with that one place? Relatively luxurious, just a few spirits haunting it. Geez …), they could get evicted and live like rats on the streets, or Sawa, the mean landlady who made Hina cry, could have a change of heart. I was betting on the first, not figuring the amazing powers of cuteness that the girls have on stone hearts, particularly when the heart belongs to a 29 year-old single woman probably wants children of her own. Well, it helped that the actual landlady was the nice older woman whom Hina had already taken a shine to. Overall the episode was a nice mix of little hopes and big worries. Yuuta does most of the latter, but Sora’s doing a good job of sharing them and keeping him honest, telling Yuuta not to stretch himself further than he already has. And she’s right. Much of the appeal of the show is watching how Yuuta copes with enormous challenges. For me, that is. You might just like the cute girls.

Oh, yeah, I watched Kill Me Baby.

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