BRS 6, Lagrange 9, Amagami+ 10, Papa is not really in this episode 9

Black Rock Shooter 6 gives us some background, but not enough, rather, just enough to be confusing. Mato is now in the fighting world and not enjoying it at all. Every time Black Rock Shooter takes a hit, Mato feels the pain, so you can imagine her state of mind when the fighter’s arm is ripped off (It grows back). While she’s floating there, screaming, her real-world self is in a coma. Yuu drags her to Saya’s place, which sounds like a bad idea, except now we get to learn some of the counselor’s experiences, and here it gets confusing. The flashback of Saya in high school has her befriending the deeply troubled …. Yuu. Same girl, same light build, only with a look that suggests she’s seen too much. She’s the one who knows about the connection between the worlds, and in the end, Saya’s guilt over a hurtful assumption (hurtful but perfectly logical–I would have done the same) gives her the pain-credits to become “Black Gold Saw.” So, what is Yuu? When did she live? Does she live in this world, really? Meanwhile, in the fighting world, Black Rock Shooter is fighting Saya’s entity with Mato and Saya’s voices both interfering. Or something. There’s the moral question of whether they should allow the fighters to shoulder all that pain, but Saya admits she put mental stress on Yomi (who is cured enough to delete Mato’s phone messages) in order to waken Yomi’s fighter. Also, something about “true powers” that I don’t want to think of right now. The motives and desires of all involved confuse me right now, and that’s all right. The more the fighting world is explained, the less power it has for the viewer. Best to use ambiguity to keep it potent.

It's hard to take the villains seriously in this show.

Rinne no Lagrange 9 drops the Madoka and her Vox business for an episode, well, apart from a couple of brief conversations that tell us nothing, and instead gives us a silly episode to prepare for more important stuff later. The villains, such as they are, are pretty much left to their own devices. Izo watches a samurai movie and gets inspired to duel Madoka, leaving the other two to find him, or Madoka, misinterpreting local customs along the way. As I said, silly. The one in the maid getup (which, another points out, he hasn’t taken off yet) winds up working at that cafe to foot his bill. That was predictable. Better was Izo’s going to Madoka’s school, and the third guy actually meets Madoka (who is being heroic, as usual), but doesn’t know it. And they all learn nice things about her along the way, setting up their face turn. Not that they were effective heels to begin with. It’s a more cheerful than usual episode of a generally cheerful series.

Thank god for this narrator.

Sae’s finish in Amagami SS Plus isn’t an improvement. She has a rough time with the Founders Festival preparations, which we all expected. Junichi casts about for something to do with her too busy for him and finds one. They had toyed with the idea that Sae would mature enough that she no longer needed to lean on Junichi and how that would affect his superficial need for such dependence, but don’t follow through apart from Ayatsuji’s advice that he help her in any way she needed. I kept waiting for something interesting to happen, but nothing does. Even Sae’s being in the infirmary turns out to be a red herring. The only distractions are from Miya with her goofy scene “Best Couple” scene with Sae that was the episode’s best moment in that it showed Sae being outgoing, spontaneous and mischievous for the first time, and the amused narrator who’s more than willing to have a joke at Junichi’s expense. Okay, they have their happy ending (one kid and counting). Time for the girl who could turn this sequel around!

With the housing crisis over with Papa no Ikukoto wo Kikinasai! 9 takes an episode to focus on Miu, the middle one. That’s fair. She doesn’t get the shoulder-responsibilities scenes like Sora, or the innocent, sometimes unbearable cute bits like Hina. And while we don’t learn too much about her, only that she likes dressing well, we get to see the effect her new circumstances are having on her. It’s hard to hide her situation from her classmates, who pity her, which she doesn’t like. On a half-day, she decides to go off on her own and just happens to meet Nimura, our playboy with a heart of gold. He treats her to some innocent fun, gets her dirty shoe repaired, in other words, treats her nicely. It’s basically what she needs: a nice day out. It’s not a very interesting episode but it’s time Miu got some attention.

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