BRS 7, Papa’s getting boring, High School Boys, and Inu x Boku 10,

The seams are beginning to show in Black Rock Shooter. I was afraid this would happen. What started as a bizarre and entertaining metaphor where young girls’ pain is shouldered by fighters in another dimension is beginning to lose its power because they feel an obligation to explain everything. I shouldn’t have expected anything else, especially when the franchise began with the fighting world, hell, one image of that world, with the “real” events tacked on later to make a story out of static battle. This week we learn that Yuu, unable to face the pain in her world, switched places with her alter-ego strength. It does provide one point of interest. Yuu seems quite content to battle in that world, and freaks BRS/Mato out when she starts to talk to her. Nobody talks in that world. You could also call it a nice commentary on how Yuu really is, so messed up that she actually considers beating BRS to a pulp as a revenge on Mato. But in the end it feels like a gimmick. Desperate for an idea at a late-night story meeting, someone said “Hey! Let’s have someone switch roles!” and they thought up stuff from there. Now they have one more episode to clean this mess up. What’s more, they’re bringing Yomi back into the fight. It’s going to be messy.

Raika tries to stare some life into the episode.

Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! 10 seems to have done all the things it can do with the basic story. The family is set, poor but surviving, and now all that can really happen is everyone will grow older. Though there’s still room for problems near-poverty can bring. This time the show concentrates on Sora, the eldest, and the one who thinks she has to be the most responsible. She’s working far too hard, just like everyone else, and is a little frustrated because she can’t do everything as well as she can. There’s a touching bit where she quits the choir even though she loves it because she considers it something she “likes,” therefore, I guess, it’s a frill that can be cut out so she can improve on things which really matter. It’s a sad thing to watch but completely realistic. Everyone has had to sacrifice something they love in order to survive. Alas, the show tries to make a happy ending out of it. After some pep talks by Raika (full of entertaining non-sequiturs) and Yuuta (dull, just like him) she rejoins the choir, at least on paper, and her cooking skills magically improve. Also, the Seiiyu next door, also about to give up, comes back. Well, I expected no better from this show.

Daily Lives of High School Boys 10, er, let’s see. The ice bit demonstrates that timing is as important as unpredictability in comedy. I also like Literature Girl chasing down Hidenori (or was that Matsuo? I can’t tell them apart). But I think the best bit was the very end of Mitsuo’s bad luck section. Or was that Hidenori?

I'm beginning to think the entire show is.

Maybe I’m tired, but I couldn’t get any enthusiasm up for the great secrets revealed stuff in Inu x Boku SS 10. We’ve known for a while that Soushi has a secret he’s hiding from Ririchiyo. It was only a matter of time before it came out, and since the show won’t run much longer (I believe), the sooner the better. Naturally, we have to wait next week, just like the coffee date that waited for this week, and still didn’t happen. It partly bugs me because Kagerou is involved. He’s a one-joke character who wore out his welcome five minutes into his appearance this episode, but since he’s the other one with the secret they’ve got to keep him around. All the other characters who are adept at livening up a scene are given one or two lines and pushed out of the way, and so the show tilts toward annoying static self-doubt scenes from Ririchiyo or that secret they’re keeping, scenes stretched to breaking point, like my patience.

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