Nazo no Kanojo X 2, Ozma 5, Space Bros 3, Acchi Kocchi 2

In Nazo no Kanojo X 2, Tsubaki and Urabe are dating, which leads to conflicts as to what that actually means. It leads to some disappointment moments from Tsubaki. Here he’s got a girlfriend whose drool he is addicted to and who has told him that they will eventually have sex. But this isn’t good enough for him. He wants a girlfriend he can do the usual romantic things with, even if he isn’t sure what those are and has to repeatedly ask his friend Ueno. This is a step backward. I kept muttering “Tsubaki! don’t screw this up! You’ve got the coolest, weirdest girlfriend in town! Normal high school romantic techniques won’t work! Make up your own rules!” Yet he tries, and gets rebuffed. What was that hug all about, anyway? However, we do learn that Urabe can put those scissors in her panties to good use, i.e., she can defend herself, the drum solo being a nice touch. But you get the idea that Urabe herself is putting out feelers, testing Tsubaki, and that culminates in another–ick–drool scene a little more intimate than the usual, and another one after the dream, well, I’m surprised the two can still stand each other.

Nice shot Bainas!

Ozma manages to make a pretty entertaining episode out of its old-school cliches. We still get little moments of stupidity, like a shot of the cook, the least important character at the moment, going “What? What?” over and over, but mostly the characters reacting in character to a major crisis, like discovering an underground paradise under all that sand–okay, I didn’t say it made any sense. The battles and rescues were ridiculous–good catch, Mimei!–but in the spirit of the show. And they threw in a plot-whammy I didn’t expect when Gido is revealed to be the long lost Dick. As for the yet-unexposed Gido and his monomaniacal speech, it was really no different from Luscinia’s in Last Exile Fam. The main difference is that this show is only six episodes. So, yes, revelations that work (and I didn’t even mention Maya’s), a fresh environment, interesting questions, it looks like this dumb show might actually have a satisfying conclusion.

In Space Brothers the second round exams are from from over, and most of the time is spent watching Mutta go through the humiliating physical exams and mutter about how he’ll never make it. Plus, there is the added pressure he has because Hibito is already an astronaut, so he not only has to live up to his younger brother’s achievements but fight the rumor that his brother is somehow helping him. He fights it by not responding, happily, and then overachieving in the lung capacity test, something Hibito couldn’t help him with, and proving he still has some physical abilities superior to people ten years younger. Then we turn to Itou, the girl, who seems to excel in everything, and, I wonder, romantic interest. Hard to say about that. When she catches him in an embarrassing moment (really, not all that embarrassing. He could have just explained it), she’s reminded of her father. So probably not. Meanwhile I’m wondering how long they’re going to take with the examination portion of the series. I’m happy they’re not glossing over anything, but there is a limit to the number of scenes I can take of Mutta worrying about screwing up.

And I still can’t figure out why I don’t hate Acchi Kocchi. I have some ideas. I actually think it’s cute. In spite of its leisurely feel it actually moves along quickly, never lingering (much) on the cuteness on the screen because they have more to fit in. The episode was over before I was full. Mayoi cutting into the chocolate filled cat-cake was actually funny. Oh, I don’t know. For the record, in episode 2 they stop by Sakaki’s sister Miiko’s cafe to dry off and taste-test cakes. Then it’s valentine’s day and everyone eats more cake. And candies with frog in them. Yet I’m still looking forward to next week’s episode.

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