Threes and one four: Sankarea, Kanojo X, Kimi to Boku, Nyaruko

Usually when I forget about a show it’s a sign that I should perhaps give up on it, that it obviously hasn’t made an impression and that I watch too many shows anyway. Thus I have dropped Zetman and, er, that show with the girl in the countryside and the guys sworn to protect her. So those two are gone. But this is a dangerous way to cull my viewing list. I almost forgot about Sankarea but I like this show. Even though in some ways this wasn’t its best episode.

Two major things happened last week. Rea is spotted sneaking back into the house, is confronted by her father, confined to the house and takes poison. Also, Furuya resurrects Babu. We start with Rea, who wakes up. The poison didn’t kill her. There’s a breakfast scene with her father and stepmother in a brightly-lit dining room, yet the scene could not feel more oppressive. Rea goes into submissive mode, perhaps for self-preservation, the father says fatherly things that make you want to stab him, and the stepmother walks out in a huff. The stepmom, Aria, could be an interesting character. She hates Rea, or pretends to, yet watches her escape with a smile, maybe because she’s also a lush. Anyway, Dan’Ichiro, known for forcibly and cruelly getting rid of things which distracts Rea from him, is overheard announcing that he will castrate Furuya. He means it.

This scene's a bit of a mood swing.

Cut to a scene that could not be more different: Furuya is trying to lure Babu the zombie cat down from a tree, and soon he and Wanko are chasing him around town. It’s a ridiculous situation, especially when Babu makes little zombie-cat noises, and all the while you’re aware that there are people who want to cut Furuya’s balls off. Still, the scenes stumble. We didn’t need such a lengthy crawl-through-the-pipe scene–it was only there to give us a shot of Wanko’s panties. And then we have a dreadful one where Rea asks Furuya’s classmates where he is. The way the boy reacts to seeing Rea, you wonder if Dan’Ichiro doesn’t have a point.

But the climax works pretty well. I’m not sure why Rea, etc., are on that ledge, but it gives Rea no alternative but openly rebel against her father, or fall off and die. She does both. Since she had already taken the potion you can guess what happens next. The big question for next week is what her father is going to do about all this. Oh, yeah, we get a clue about the zombie business. Babu apparently was looking for hydrangea leaves to eat, just like Furuya’s weird grandfather … Interesting.

I don't think anyone's been turned down using quite those words.

And then I watched Nazo no Kanojo X, and another interesting girlfriend. Only it occurred to me recently that if you remove the drool-licking and the scissors, well, and a few other things, this is a pretty normal high school romance show. Boy meets girl. Boy tries to figure out girl. Boy wants to kiss girl but girl doesn’t want to–yet. So this week we are introduced to a common and hateful emotion often felt with love–jealousy. It turns out that Tsubaki isn’t the only boy in class who is attracted to odd girls. Actually, that’s high on my list too, but there’s no way I could get past the drool thing. Putting weirdness aside we get to see what Urabe does when another boy asks her out: she tells her boyfriend, i.e., no secrets. Even though she says she’ll wait a day to make her decision, which naturally makes Tsubaki lose a night of sleep. The next day she runs an interesting test and explains it to Tsubaki as just that, using the other boy as a “variable test subject,” and Tsubaki won. Still, the fact that she bothered to run this test at all would have bugged me if I was the boyfriend … Yep, this is a romance show, with drool, deadly scissors, and going commando.

Flashback: the new bunk bed.

Some shows I forget about, others I don’t, but wonder why while the latest episode bores me. In this episode of Kimi to Boku it’s Yuuta and Yuuki almost the entire time. The point of it is to show how close-knit they are, and some of it works. The serious argument they have is so low key that you can’t tell it from a regular conversation, except that they speak a little faster and the voices go up just a touch. The bunk bed bit was nice. They finally had to bring Kanade in to get someone to react to them. The thing with the broken plate was just silly, though I was amused by the thought that these kids don’t bury treasure, but things they’ve broken in order to hide them.

And there are some shows which I remember and look forward to, even if I’m embarrassed to admit it. Right now that’s Haiyore! Nyaruko-San, even though it’s got nothing going for it at all. Episode 3 brings on a new villain, who has killed most of the gods of dreamland but has a special grudge for Nyaruko. Hard to figure out how he can go around killing deities when such little things like local police and flying crowbars mess him up. Turns out he’s Nyaruko’s older brother. The rest of the episode is petty bickering between Mahiro and Nyaruko, Nyaruko and Cthugha, and that cute little dragon thing. And that’s about it. But like before I am enjoying Kana Asumi’s work as Nyaruko. Another blog said that she sounds like she’s having fun with the role, and they’re right. And apart from some ridiculous fanservice (and from where did she produce that chainsaw?) it’s a harmless enough show.


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