Fours and a three: Kanojo X, Amnesia, Shiny bread, Nyaruko

With Nazo no Kanojo X 4 we learn that Urabe isn’t the only interesting girlfriend in school.

Urabe has no choice.

Oka, Ueno’s girlfriend, suddenly sits down at Urabe’s desk and nap area and proceeds to feed her. This in itself is a serious breach of the school’s status quo. Then things get really interesting. Inadvertently sharing spit from a soda bottle (You’d think Urabe would be careful about things like that), a scrape on Urabe’s leg appears on Oka’s. In other words, Tsubaki isn’t the only kid in school with a talent for drool. I guess with the law of averages this shouldn’t be a surprise, but Urabe clearly is. And a little disconcerted, because Oka isn’t freaked out in the slightest. She’s interested in this phenomenon. She’s interested in Urabe in general. That’s why she fed her lunch the other day in the first place.

Now they share everything.

I think I said before that this show is a typical high school romance show with magic drool added but this is not longer the case. The next day Oka offers Urabe some of HER drool, and from Urabe’s reaction to the taste (sweet) we’re getting faint romantic overtones between the two, even if they both would deny it. Oka says it’s sweet because she was recalling her first kiss with Ueno and thus deduces that Urabe and Tsubaki haven’t reached that stage yet. The question she doesn’t ask is: why not? Why haven’t Urabe and Tsubaki even kissed yet? And I notice that Urabe had no qualms about tasting Oka’s drool, as if they already share a bond that she hasn’t outwardly accepted yet. It’s quite possible that Tsubaki has a new rival in love, even if none of them realize it. These are young people coming to terms with adolescence, after all. It’s quite possible they don’t know what they want. I feel a little sorry for Ueno, though. With no drool connection he might eventually wind up being left out of the action. Well, such is the fate of the clueless sex-addled anime sidekick.

On to another odd relationship. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 4 doesn’t cover much ground in terms of plot. There’s that bell motif that runs throughout, and a genuinely frightening entity that hasn’t done anything yet but stand around looking malicious, well, until the end. Look out, Kirie! Instead the paranormal club decides to spend the night in the old building. It would be the usual shenanigans except Yuuko’s moping. I knew why from the start. Teiichi should have as well. And I suspected that the whole cursed stone business was at least partly just an excuse for her to spend some quality time with him, to show him things she loves. Plenty of time to sort out that nasty thing next week, I guess.

The doll is angry either because of the pirates or because no one’s given her any bread.

Shining Hearts – Shiawase no Pan 3 promised a washed-up girl, pirates, battles! And, well, yeah, the show got around to it eventually. But some things are more important. The storm damaged the bakery’s oven so much that it blows up. They can’t make bread until it’s fixed. And grumpy Hank the dwarf (who has a life-size puppet fighting-girl hanging up in his home) won’t fix it unless they have money. But to make money they have to bake bread! … Oh, yeah, there was a woman washed up on the shore just like Rick was a few years ago. She has a beautiful amulet that the doctor pays more attention to than her. But back to the crisis! They make bread at Madera’s and just as well, as strange ships have been spotted and there’s a blackout, meaning it will be hard to cook. Everyone will need bread. They stop by the doctor’s where the washed up girl (Kagorya) revives thanks to the smell of bread. Then things get a little mystical as the pirates fire on the town, the amulet lights up, and the puppet-girl wakes up. One shot later, the pirates blow up. There’s your action. Well, we have a few more mysteries, at least. And there was plenty of bread.

HAH! Good one!

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 4 has no single plot at all, just lots of little ones. Mahiro’s mom comes home. Surprise! She’s a deity hunter! But that’s quickly sorted. No one even had to use their forks. Then stuff about video games and dinner, each punctuated by Nyaruko coming on to Mahiro or Cthuga coming on to Nyaruko. Then they go to school and have more pointless conversations. Mahiro bumps into a blonde kid, twice, and it turns out he’s another deity. One thing this show has done for me is increase my pitiful knowledge of the Cthulu mythos. In short, apart from two new characters, this episode does nothing at all until some plot at the end. It’s a real test of the series. If you didn’t like all the silly moments, this would be the time to quit. But I liked most of them. You can tell everyone involved is having fun making it. Besides, too much plot might spoil the fun.

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