Space Bros 6, Fujika 5, Sankarea 5

Define ‘luck.’

Space Brothers 6 has the shadow of Munta’s past in nearly every scene. We already know he was turned down last week, now we watch him go about his NASA touring first without that knowledge, then with it. Before, he lets his wonder and incredulous mix in the usual way, admiring his brother’s training ethic while laughing at it the way a brother can. His brother returns the favor by mentioning him on TV, another vote of confidence Munta doesn’t feel he deserves. Then the hammer falls and his demeanor changes to regret, even while some people at JAXA are still working to rescue him. The flashback sequences from both Munta and, er, flowing-hair guy, feel a little odd. It isn’t clear why they’re going into such detail until you learn that FHG remembers the Namba boys from their constant visits to JAXA. I’m sure the truth will get out soon enough, but I wonder about the concept of “lucky ones” that FHG and Munta both use. Does luck really mean anything if you have people working on your behalf?

I wonder how Lupin III – Mine Fujiko to lu Onna is going to wind up, with Lupin’s team in place and on the same page, step by step? It looks that way, as episode 5 introduces Lupin to Jigen, with both naturally trying not too hard to kill each other while going after a jewel peacock in a pyramid. Oh yeah, Fujiko’s there, too. It’s a lot of fun. Each character exhibits their strengths to outwit the other or occasionally team up when a larger threat looms–and in a dark pyramid there’s a lot of looming. While they inevitably earn each other’s respect, you wonder the two men hadn’t already sized each other up near the start. Or maybe it was Fujiko’s late entrance that brought about a shared resignation between two men concerning a dangerous woman, especially one who tries to double-cross them both.

Sankarea 5 spends two-thirds of its time not doing much but irritating me. Rea is stiffening up because she’s malnourished, meanwhile Babu and Jogorou have both been spotted munching hydrangea plants. All we need to do is get Chihiro to make the connection. Small steps are fine, but hurry. But instead the episode devotes its time to Chihiro trying to hide Rea’s stiff body, then helping to clean the shrine. Occasionally it occurs to him that he really ought to do something about Rea, you know, rotting. When Jogorou finally drops a clue Chihiro is still powerless to act on it. Meanwhile I’m waiting and waiting. FINALLY there’s some action at the end, thanks to Ranko, and unexpected behavior from the suddenly lively Rea. So I went from being irritated to amused to confused. Does Rea actually dine on flesh?

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