Moretsu 18, and Accel, Natsuiro, Acchi 5

Chiaki finally lets loose.

That’s how you do it! Moretsu Pirates 18 is one of the best yet. We get a chase, lots of light shows, strategy meetings (though I noticed the ship stopped rocking about during that scene, what was up with that?), sneaky strategy, a bizarre twist, calm characters letting loose, and who cares if the ending didn’t really make sense? The father seemed totally unconcerned about his would-be son in-law was up to, well at least the fact that it was exposed. And what forced him to give up? The scandal? That would have happened anyway, even if they had dragged Jenny back by force. And I got the impression that *I* could have hacked Dolittle’s secret records if I learned a few more BASH commands. It was still great fun. Most fun of all was Chiaki, and the timing. They give us a completely unexpected situation, an anti-government rally in a luxury cruiser, and while we try to process that Chiaki releases some serious pent-up rage. And completely steal the scene. Good episode.

Takamu, distracted in battle.

Accel World 5 is mostly Haru and Takumu’s battle, they manage to do a few things along the way, because this is one of those battles where the fighters chat about what’s pissing them off between bashing each other up. Takumu is given so much baggage it’s hard to figure out where to start. He’s jealous of Haru over Chiyuri, especially that cabled dalliance they had on her bed. He’s pissed that Haru wins every online game they play. Just go away Haru! He’s also trying to get back on his accelerated group’s good side after screwing them over (that part isn’t clear). In other words he’s full of anxiety and remorse. So while he’s saying all the appropriate villain lines during the fight, you can see that his heart isn’t really in it. Things get a little ridiculous after that. Badly battered Haru has one of his self-pep talks and sprouts wings so the fight resumes, this time making good use of the phrases “looking at the sky” and “don’t look down on me!” Again, it’s too ridiculous for my taste, but it was nice at the end to see Kurohyukihime’s “true form.” What was she thinking? It’s not hideous at all.

After a couple of episodes where Natsuiro Kiseki rose above dreadful premises, episode 5 shows that they don’t even need that rock to deliver a decent episode. Rin, the quiet one, catches a cold. Yuka, the fool of the group, forgoes traveling to the music store to get a beloved poster in order to watch over her. You think she’ll cause trouble, but she doesn’t. Then Yuka catches a cold and the others worry about her. The show has become Tamayura Hitosei. I said that they don’t use the rock, but the thought comes up twice. The first time Rin shoots it down because her cold was frivolous, and so it was. But when Yuka’s cold hits its fourth day they realize that their days together are numbered, since Saki’s going to move away. In other words, sharing limited time together becomes a worthy use of the rock. That doesn’t happen for another reason. It was a nice episode already, but it’s topped by the strange fact that whenever Rin gets sick she sees a whale floating in the sky. The whale’s appearance added a nice, odd touch to the episode.

Acchi Kocchi 5’s first story stumbles along with half-effective gags. The second one works a little better because of the show’s tendency to stop whatever the characters are doing in order to wallow in cute. They go on a picnic, boring picnic things are done, until Io attracts a lot of cats, because he’s that way. The rest of the show is devoted to Io, cats, and girls all doing cute things. To hell with the picnic. Whether or not you think this is a good thing is up to you.

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