Space Bros 7, Fujiko 6, Accel (dropped), Kore wa Zombie (not dropped, in spite of everything)

At last, Mutta gets involved in the plot again.

Space Brothers 7 seems to be puttering around, building up Mutta’s self-recriminations as he both watches his brother train and waits for an announcement he is certain he won’t like. Yeah, Hoshika (flowing-hair man) is still on his side, but making no headway in convincing the people who really matter. Meanwhile we get asides where we see him in “Rollin’ Mutta” mode, where he absorbs information from a number of different sources at the same time … And that blind operation test that Hibito fails … And finally, the news of a robber on the loose who uses a fire extinguisher to blind his victims. Can you see where this is going? For a good ten minutes I was muttering “It’s obvious what you’re doing here, so bring on the robbery!” And so it happens–too late for the episode to show it … Well, the storytelling might be a tad clumsy, but at least our man Mutta will finally get to do something but mope.

Just another schoolgirls with guns scene.

Watching episode 6 of Lupin III – Mine Fujiko, I wonder why I can’t enjoy this character Oscar. He’s proven himself to be a formidable opponent for Fujiko, to the point where he can cross dress as a schoolgirl for many days without Fujiko realizing it. In fact, the reason he did not apprehend her was simply hubris–in waiting to also catch Lupin (how did he get out of that greenhouse?) he allowed him time to free Fujiko. There’s his odd sexuality, in love with Zenigata but obsessed with Fujiko, calling her a spittoon but tying her up naked and pouring wine on her (standard police procedure, I’m sure. She could be hiding something). I think the answer lies there. It’s not so much the suppressed desire as much as the condescending morality he lays on top of it. As for the episode, it’s on par with the rest, qualms about Fujiko’s failure to recognize Oscar and Lupin’s escape notwithstanding. Oh, and how on earth did Oscar get the bully-girls to work for him? Though I liked the machine guns.

I’ve decided to drop Accel World. There’s nothing really wrong with it. It tells the story reasonably well and is good to look at, but now that the first story arc is over with I find more difficult to care what happens to Haru or Kuroyukihime. And the story will get bigger and more complicated from here on out. Or maybe I’m just growing tired of shows of this nature. I dropped Zetman after two episodes and there wasn’t anything terribly wrong with that show, either. Or maybe it’s Haru’s appearance. Well, I wish the show luck.

It’s never a good idea to explain the plot of this series.

Yes, I’m dropping Accel World but still watching Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka – of the Dead. It’s a show that requires no thought. It has a bunch of bizarre characters whose attributes seem random. It keeps threatening to have a bigger story arc but can’t seem to find its way there with everyone acting bizarre in their own way. This week Mylstletain comes back, Ayumu is happy for much of the episode, and the drunken fairy gives a worried look–our only clue to something bigger going on, well apart from Sera and Saras’ usual cryptic conversations.

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