Sixes: Apollon, Kanojo, Tsuritama, Acchi

The new threat.

Sakamichi no Apollon 6 brings us something new: the threat of change. Its most blatant manifestation comes in the form of Beatles-fan Seiji, Sentarou’s new classmate (the fact that he and Kaoru are now in separate classes is the first sign that things will now be officially different than before). He’s recruiting a drummer for his school festival band. It’s still unclear why Sentarou agrees. The episode took pains to make the effeminate Seiji sympathetic to Sentarou, showing him as poor with a lot of siblings. But the Beatles? However, it’s a sign that perhaps Sentarou is changing a little, broadening his vision. Naturally this doesn’t sit well with Kaoru, both for the Beatles thing (I assume) and that Sentarou will be spending time away from him. This is rough on a boy with desertion issues. In fact, just about everyone this episode is lonely about something, usually love. Everyone is pining for someone they can’t get, and nothing this episode changes that. So maybe this intrusion, plus a late appearance, will shake things up and make everyone even MORE miserable.

Can I take your picture? Huh? Can I? Huh?

I think a fundamental problem with Nazo no Kanojo X has appeared. Part of the charm is that Urabe is mysterious. There’s that magic drool, there’s that scissors thing she does, each of them begging further questions. What’s the deal with that drool? Why does it only effect certain people? Why Tsubaki and Oka? But if the show goes about explaining these things Urabe can no longer be called mysterious. These mysteries are some of the things that attracts Tsubaki, that and the drool. The show would be less fun. Also, Urabe controls almost every facet of this relationship. Tsubaki’s like a loyal dog, always trotting behind. Even when she gives Tsubaki cry-drool to show him how she’d have felt if he had gone off with that other girl, it was all on her terms. Or maybe this way of communicating how she feels for him is too foreign for me to understand. The only character who’s been able to shake her up is Ako, because she can also do the drool, she has a thing for Urabe, and she likes messing with people. I’m not asking for everything to be explained, but I think Urabe does need to be shaken up more.

The usual personal story stuff before the weirdness happens.

In Tsuritama 6 we get … story! And not just the usual “Yuki tries something difficult, fails, then succeeds and learns something” story, though that happens too. Actually, the two are entwined. Grandma is getting out of the hospital at the end of the week, and Yuki decides to challenge himself by catching a tuna for her, his hardest goal yet. But this time he’s got Natsuki on his side and willing to help. The main story kicks in because the only place they’re able to find tuna that day is around an artificial reef called Akemi, which is also small-scale Bermuda Triangle, as they learn the hard way. In other words, we get some actual excitement. But it feels like an anticlimax, because nothing much happens after the wild stuff. And we don’t learn much about what’s really going on, either, except that there’s something out there that Haru, Koko and Akira are all interested in.

Acchi Kocchi 6 is disgustingly cute as usual. Nothing much stood out. The funniest bit was probably the pool cleaning scene, where the girls name a scrubber after Sakaki and knock it around. The cutest was probably Tsumiki and Io’s shirt.

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