Space Bros 8, Sankarea and Natsuiro 7

Interesting episode of Space Brothers. Mutta gets the credit for taking down the crook, but the reality isn’t the same. On one level it would bother me that Mutta outright lied, that he was simply trying to escape, and then increased the lie by giving a speech about truth, justice and the American way. I would feel pretty bad if I passed an astronaut exam by such means. Which is not to say he did. Would the JAXA director have given the same “advice” (order) to pass Mutta if he hadn’t made such a splash? Plus, Mutta later showed some blindfold skills that were not exaggerated. He demonstrated that he has the skills to be an astronaut.

For justice!

But what about the fact that he was acting a bit like a coward during the robbery? Well, remember what got him running: Apo the dog. He forgot everything because he saw Apo running into danger and chased after him. His instinct then was to rescue, not run. Finally, what was the reason for his lying at the press conference? Not to enhance his stature as an astronaut (in fact, that seemed the farthest thing from his mind), but because he wanted to impress two cute girls in the audience. Mutta is an entertaining character because he not only has astronaut skills but because he doesn’t act the part. He reacts the same way that we lesser mortals do, like a human being.

Sankarea decides to devote episode 7 to Ranko’s growing up with Chihiro. In her eyes he starts out heroic, then is revealed to be a dweeb with no friends who’s her first cousin to boot. In between the flashbacks we get the present day where she drags Chihiro off to help deliver food and get him to notice her. Back and forth it goes, and really, apart from the scary dog scene, there’s nothing whatsoever in the boy that would make anyone fall for him. In the end Ranko’s affection remains a mystery. Though there are some nice present-day bits where she tries her best to make him forget about Rea. Thinking about it, I’d be more crushed than she is: before, she could always hope he’d come around when he got over the fact that he’d never get a zombie girlfriend. But now he HAS one! What’s a girl to do?

Who needs magic?

Natsuiro Kiseke 7 reminded me a bit of Tamayura Hitotose’s festival episode in that it rained and nothing could be done but wait it out. Of course Tamayura was a gentle, slice-of-life show, none of them was leaving soon, and there were no magic rocks around, just that fluffy thing. In Natsuiro the girls could wish away the rain so they could participate in the singing competition, but at least two of them have serious doubts. I was also reminded of Yuki in the Haruhi baseball episode who said that changing the weather patterns would cause catastrophic typhoons 10,000 years from now, which was good enough for Kyon. I think Natsume and Saki had similar thoughts: messing with nature was a bad idea. Yuka, meanwhile wants to use the rock to stop the rain AND win the competition, whicn, fortunately, does not happen. The girls have usually been pretty good about using their rock. In the end, they wait it out, the rain stops, they go on with the competition. You don’t need magic to create good memories.

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