Amnesia 7, Shining Bread 6, Acchi 7

The nasty black thing in Tasogare Otome x Amunesia is revealed. Episode 7’s telling is messy, the idea not original, but it’s effective nonetheless.

In order to lull us, the show ignores Kirie’s encounter with the nasty thing last week and devotes several moments to Yuuko’s delightful side, a mock exorcism, messing with Teiichi during PE, sitting on his lap during class–I think having a beautiful girl sitting on my lap during class would be a delightful experience. Instead Teichii is worried, especially when Yuuko gets jealous because Momoe comes on to him. From our perspective, and our knowledge of Yuuko, these are understandable emotions from a lonely ghost who is desperate for attention and can’t get all she needs. Teiichi’s not to blame. He’s got to be do human things, like interact with Momoe and go home at night. But Kirie thinks there’s more to it.

And she’s right. What we have here is a supernatural variation of the “Evil Twin” story, except the twin isn’t going around impersonating the other one. It’s all the ugly emotions that Yuuko doesn’t want to feel rolled into one nasty toothy ball of ugly. Alas, this leads to a number of scenes with lines like “I Am You,” “No! No!” And I’m not sure I buy the premise to begin with. Yuuko’s shown a lot of negative human emotions in her positive form. She’s never been all sweetness and light. On the other hand, the fact that she died (I don’t think Teiichi’s new theory is completely true, but whatever actually happened must be equally dire) and her corpse rotted in a basement means the girl has got to have some issues. Kirie tries to explain this to Teiichi, who might be in a bit of denial himself about the issue.

This leads to the surprising conclusion. My guess is that Yuuko pushed away all thoughts of the terrible thing she did to Teiichi, the way she handles her other bad thoughts, and that means the memory of Teiichi himself. But we already knew what she has to do: open herself up, accept the bad thoughts, and thus become a full human being, er, ghost again.

Actually, Rouna’s a capable fighter. Just don’t ask her to carry anything.

Hey, look! Shining Hearts – Shiawase no Pan 6 has an action scene! Never mind that it’s incompetently handled. Rick swings his big sword and slashes through the skin-tight hood Black Tail was wearing, though no deeper, and if she was so adamant on hiding her identity, why did she turn her head in the sunlight so that Rick (and us) could get a good look at her face and cat ears? Why was Rick appointed to help catch this palace thief when all he does is wind up running around like the rest of the soldiers? Why didn’t Rouna, surprisingly skilled in combat, assist the investigation in the first place? She tracked the thief down pretty easily. Well, we do learn a few things, like Prince Lagunas knowing more about Rick’s past than Rick does. And the fact that Rick does not turn in Xiao Mei to the authorities suggests a tension between the rulers and the commoners that the Imperials’ confiscating two weeks ago hinted at. The rest of the episode is the usual. Dialogue that needed trimming, bread that needed baking.

‘Tsumiki, I can dry your hair for you.’

Acchi Kocchi 7 wipes a few summer activities off its checklist. A trip to the mountains, fishing, barbecue and fireworks. It’s one of the better episodes because the expected jokes are done well. I especially liked Sakaki getting blown up by fireworks a lot. Tsumiki, I think, broke her own cuteness record, but I’m not sure why she would bite Io on the head after Mayoi suggest she sit on his lap.

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