Sevens and EIghts: Eureka Ao, Sankarea, Natsuiro, Kore wa Zombie, Polar Bear

Eureka Seven Ao 7 starts out in the worst way possible, then gets a lot better.

Oh, god, just shut up already! Shut up!

First we have the attack on GenBleu headquarters by that smug asshole calling himself “Truth.” I got what I expected. Truth going around blowing things up at will, guards running around helplessly, and more Truth blowing things up, smirking the entire time and declaring he’s out for the truth, which means, I suppose, he’s out for himself. We even get a replay of last week’s carnage, one of many moments when cringed. The fact that he knows things Ao and the others don’t is to be expected, or else he wouldn’t be in the story. The fact that he’s vague about it all is also to be expected. It’s part of the smug bishie mindset to say cryptic things (smugly) before blowing more things up. There’s an odd moment with a rock singer (every base has a rock star, I suppose), and something was wordless communicated to her. Since her name is “Mirror” I think we’re going to see her again, and we’re going to get some bad symbolism to boot.

Uh, Naru, you’re flying the wrong way.

But things take an interesting turn. We jump to Okinawa, where, strangely, all the locals who were at GenBleu are now back. Including Ao, much to Naru’s surprise. It’s clear immediately that this Ao is actually Truth in Ao’s shape. But even so, Truth is beginning to show signs that make him slightly less annoying. He’s after The Truth, I suppose, of the scrub coral. What’s more, he might have cured Naru of her sickness by exposing her to some. And they can fly! And all of a sudden Ao’s would-be girlfriend has willingly flown off with the smug white-haired bishie! As for Truth, he finds her more interesting, closer to said truth, than Ao. I approve of this. Naru’s been waiting around for her role in the show to develop. It’s a shame that it had to come in the hands of an cliché anime character, but at least she’s involved now. And the show has gotten more interesting. Let’s hope it can stay that way and get rid of Truth at the same time.

Our first zombie show of the evening, Sankarea 7, after an odd blood trail opening, looks at first the same as last week’s, but with Rea and Chihiro the featured characters rather than Ranko. So we see them eat together. We see Chihiro film obsessively and speculate where those Hydrangea leaves go if zombies don’t use the bathroom, something I hope they don’t show us. We see them shopping for clothes. We get an aside with Ranko, still fuming, and Mero, who hasn’t been used enough this series, though the previews suggest she’ll get more time next week. It isn’t until late that, for the first time in 1.5 episodes, so plot kicks in. Geez, Dan’Ichirou’s been threatening to cut off Chihiro’s balls for several episodes now. About time he did something about it.

In Natsuiro Kiseki 8 the girls decide to take a trip, but where? It’s actually a splendid idea that the others want to visit the place where Saki’s moving to. Not even Saki’s been there, yet. But the effect of the trip so far (two-parter) is to drive home the fact that she is indeed moving. This leads to a non-fight between Saki and Natsumi, and the question of whether its selfish of her to want to stay where she is when moving to this place was her father’s dream. To further complicate matters, it’s a beautiful island, a place you’d want to move to, apart from one asshole local. This episode was a good setup for what I expect will be more questions and maybe a few decisions next week. If only they could have avoided the scenes of girls acting like doofuses on the ferry. I thought I was watching K-ON! for a moment.

Our second Zombie show, Kore wa Zombie etc 8 should be an important episode. Kyouko, one of the main antagonists from last season, the one who murdered Ayumu in the first place returns. She offers to help our guys defeat Chris by filling us in on his weakness, but they must do something for her in return. But this show is far too silly to keep it that simple, so we get Ayumu organizing a mixer, where of course unexpected people show up. This all reminds me. Kyouko is a fearsome person, indeed, she makes some terrific evil faces in this episode, but I can barely remember her. The inanity overwhelms all plot and logic in this series. But one thing the show does not do well is serious emotions, and we get a forced and maudlin last scene, with only Ayumu getting skewered as a pleasant reminder of what the show’s strengths are.

The editor-in-chief samples the pasta lunch.

Not much to Polar Bear’s Cafe 8, but is there ever? Reporters led by their editor, a shoebill stork, do a magazine piece about the cafe. As usual, Polar Bear has some fun with it, creating a sob story about his past and not minding a bit when he’s contradicted. In the second half Polar and Grizzly go off to catch salmon while Panda tags along, to grizzly’s annoyance. Again, Polar Bear is above it all. I envy his equanimity.

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