Amnesia, Nyaruko-san 8

Tasogare Otome no Amunesia got very interesting last episode. This week, episode 8 deals with the fallout and stumbles, but it’s early yet.

Kirie’s brand of therapy.

Last week, a dark side of Yuuko, her unpleasant memories personified, confronted her. Afterwards Yuuko forgot her happy memories with Teiichi and became dull and grumpy, i.e., the sort of ghost you’d actually expect to see in these sort of series. This is bad for the obvious reason that something’s wrong with her, also because it’s devastating for poor Teiichi, and because the series isn’t nearly as much fun when Yuuko isn’t being playful. Perhaps because of the latter two reasons we spend much of our time with Teiichi, and the girls trying to help him, since Teiichi is in a funk most of the episode. Kirie has a couple of scenes where she states the obvious, this isn’t the same Yuuko, etc, but also reveals her frustration that Teiichi isn’t doing anything to fix this. what are her motives? She has a thing for Teiichi, this should be her opportunity. Maybe she’s doing the “as long as he’s happy” thing, maybe she’s curious about Yuuko herself, or maybe this more compliant, nearly cowardly Teiichi isn’t the boy she fell for and she’s trying to shake him out of it.

Momoe’s brand of therapy.

Momoe has even more scenes. She takes Teiichi’s busted leg as her chance to shower him with aid, feeding him (though his mouth is just fine) and continuously asking him when he’ll be fit enough to return to the old clubroom. She couldn’t be more different than Kirie. She has no clue what happened with Yuuko. She’s all cheer and support. Yet it’s clear that she also wants him to return to his old, stronger self. And it’s she who brings Teiichi to a revelation, when she’s more or less forced to admit her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Yuuko, unseen, is beginning to play her little games again, knocking away Teiichi’s long range shot, knocking Momoe’s omelet away, for the second episode in a row. It seems grumpy Yuuko has some doubts, too.

But so far all we’ve got are scenes where girls try talk to Teiichi while he goes through the emotions of responding. I suppose that’s to be expected, but frankly it’s not terribly interesting. I wanted to get back to Yuuko and solve her current problem. Finally the show does, but it’s both an anticlimax and a clever twist on that old anime standard, boy falling on top of girl (Teiichi’s still using a crutch, after all) and not removing his hand even after he realizes it’s on her boob. Okay, his declaration of love to her just before had softened her up, but that wasn’t an effective moment because we already knew he loved her and thought he did too. But this accidental grope is the thing that brings Yuuko’s memories flooding back, and in a moment we have a double-confession. We got the fun-loving Yuuko back. We’re back to square one with the “shadow-Yuuko” still maliciously hovering around, but maybe now Yuuko is prepared to further heal herself. It’s good they didn’t do it all in one episode. I only wish they hadn’t spent so much time with Teiichi doing so little.

Not bad. The light’s about right. The music’s good. But the knife is a trifle large.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 8 continues the vacation arc with an episode where all the characters are sucked into a dating sim and forced to play roles there. Guess who the protagonist is. And he can’t get out until he gets a good end with a girl, or Hastur. I guess since Nyaruko confessed last episode they figured it was Mahiro’s turn, whether he wants to or not. It’s amusing enough. It would have worked better for me if I recognized all of the game and anime references. As it was I only spotted those applying to Haruhi and Working!, and a locked storeroom scene which could have been from Clannad or any number of shows. And those weren’t bad. I kind of wished Mahiro hadn’t taken Nyaruko’s guitar away before she got to sing “Malign Deity Knows.” Or gone farther into Cthugha’s Maria watches Over Us riff. The Asakura bit was pretty good.

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