Amnesia 9, Naruko 9, Shining Bread 8

We know! We knew two episodes ago! Get on with it!

It was clear two episodes ago in Tasogore Otome no Amunesia that the Shadow Yuuko was not going to go away. Unfortunately, Teiichi and Kirie haven’t figured it out yet and Yuuko’s in denial. So when Shadow Yuuko returns we get a lot of running away and trying to escape, first Yuuko alone, then with both her and Teiichi. These scenes are eerie (the running away/towards the school was a good effect) but by then I wanted them to get caught. What Shadow Yuuko wants from Yuuko is what I want, no separate bodies for good and bad feelings, but the whole package. And we’d finally dispense with the “Who am I? I am YOU!” exchanges we’ve heard for three episodes now. Get on with it! And why the hell didn’t Teiichi and Kirie sit Yuuko down and tell her what was going on with herself? They act like it’s a secret. On the other hand, next week we might get a hell of an episode, as Teiici gets to experience exactly what Yuuko went through. The glimpses we saw this week looked terrifying.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san deserves some credit for at least trying to keep the backstory in place. It seems the now-empty Dreamlands are a perfect way for malign races to invade Earth to steal its anime and games, I mean, its culture, and rogue Yith are planning to do just that. They send one of their kind to warn Nyaruko and the others. Of course, this being the show it is, it’s only an excuse for that Yith to botch the mind-switching so Mahiro and Nyaruko can spend time in each other’s bodies. I hate this concept because it usually leads to endless scenes with the people trying to figure out the opposite sex’s bodies work, but thankfully this show is more interested in cheap laughs. So intent are they to get all the jokes in that whatever attack is coming is delayed until next week. Indeed, any idea of an attack would be forgotten after Nyaruko takes advantage of the situation to declare to the class (as Mahiro) that he loves Nyaruko. It’s a shame the production didn’t switch voices, too, so that the actors could have some fun playing the other’s role.

Shining Hearts 8 is basically an episode where Rick sits around thinking, or thinks while other people tell him things. He makes a delivery to Flora’s Bar and later visits it (asking for milk and not getting guffaws or even a raised eyebrow), since he has learned that Flora, too, washed ashore on this island with no memories of her past. Let’s see, that makes six now, oh, I forgot Dylan the pirate, so it’s seven, over half the cast, hell, everyone in the cast except Medara and the folks up the palace. Rick broods on it. His girls seem happy for the change. Kaguya, now recovered thanks in part to bread, is still getting her bearings, by it seems looking for the moon. Flora has found something new but can’t let go of parts of her past–whatever they are, and Dylan spouts fatalistic philosophical stuff. He saw that huge battleship last week, so no wonder. Meanwhile Medara and the royalty and possibly Hank know more than they are saying, and I think since the castaways outnumber the other regular characters like 2-1, the natives ought to assume some responsibility and fill them in, or at least Rick, since he’s the most curious.

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