Amnesia 10, Kimi to Boku 11, Nyaruko 10

Tasogare Otome x Amunesia 10 promised to be depressing, and it was exactly that, nothing more. Nothing really got to me. We learned some things we didn’t know about the story, is all.

Asa, another victim.

It’s probably because we were expecting it. When we see the living Yuuko wake up and put on her clothes (and get Teiichi’s commentary about watching this embarrassing scene) we know things would get slowly worse. They quickly do. We watch as she argues with her sister about visiting her friend Asa, who everyone thinks has the deadly plague but really has a cold. It’s a complete version of Yuuko Teiichi sees. She gets upset sometimes, but she is still essentially kind. The show makes an odd decision here by showing Teiichi the observer as a young boy. I’m not sure why, but a good reason might come later, when the shit hits the fan a young boy is easier to drag away than a teenage boy. In that form he’s as helpless as a young Yuuko against a mob of ignorant men.

Yuuko and her sister Yukariko sneak in and hear some adults discussing what to do about the plague. They decide to draw lots to choose the red woman, who will decide upon the sacrificial victim. Since we know who the victim is I started to dread the next moments not only for the inevitable death scene, but because it’s obvious by now that Asa will become the Red Woman and pick her. The show makes another interesting choice here. We see (or rather Teiichi sees, or chooses to see) some of the events as a grainy movie shown in a theatre, maybe a way to distance himself. Meanwhile, Yuuko has taken in the now recovering Asa, who then vanishes, and then the tragedy occurs.

It’s painful to watch, Yuuko tossed into the cellar with the shrine, sealed away with a badly broken leg, slowly dying, trying to tell herself that it’s for the best, that now Yukariko and Asa will be safe, but you can’t blame her for letting the rage well up inside, especially when she sees her dessicated reflection in that mirror. But oddly, it’s a small relief that Teiichi (now in his regular form) is there with her, sharing everything she feels. If nothing else, she now has a witness. But we still don’t get a resolution. Now Teiichi knows what Yuuko has separated from herself, but we have known for ages now that the only way out of this is for her to accept the painful parts as well as the good parts. Also, it’s clear that Shadow Yuuko’s anger is misguided. Asa didn’t name her on purpose. If she has any rage, and she damn well should, it should be for those ignorant superstitious men who carried out the cruel ceremony. They were so cowardly that they couldn’t even choose a victim themselves–they had to get an innocent girl to carry the burden. Just thinking about it nearly puts ME in a rage. Well, as I said, the episode was as expected, but the solution’s been obvious for a long time and it’s time they got to it.

On to a much happier episode.

Kimi to Boku 2 11 is one of the happier ones. You’d think that the Sports Festival would be another opportunity for the gang to make Kaname’s life miserable, well, more miserable than they usually do, but he’s not part of the festival committee. Instead, Mary is. What little theme they had is that Mary doesn’t seem to have any friends. Since she tries so hard to be self-sufficient it’s no wonder, but here she hangs out a lot with Matsushita and makes herself useful in a number of ways to the extent that the taller classmates are happy to help her out when she DOES need help. A lovely bit where Matsushita sees her in the tennis referee’s chair and marvels at how tall and mature she looks. The other drama involves Yuuta and Yuuki on opposite sides of a volleyball match … and they both get serious. Kaname and Yuuta actually demonstrate some splendid teamwork! Also, come cute bits concerning a girl and one of the show’s trademark cats. Good episode. Nice to see everyone not trying to screw things up for a change.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 10 tries a bit of social commentary with the boss foe, a Space Child Guardian, who wants to destroy all earthlings because of their immoral entertainment. Well, we’ve seen Earth celebrated throughout the universe for their entertainment, so there are bound to be some prudes around. Otherwise it’s the usual nonsense, including a Space CQC Jammer Canceler Breaker Eraser Confiner Obstructor Buster Closer, probably the show’s best bit. A tragic looking scene involving the fallen Nyaruko/Mahiro (remember, they’ve switched bodies) is inevitably ruined. And an unexpected but cute but mostly dull bit at the end between Tamao and the Yith who inhabited her body during all this.

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