Moretsu 24, Sankarea 00, Space Bros 12, Polar Bear 11

Moretsu Pirates 24 begins with action and then settles down for some intrigue and surprises.

The Grand Cross firing into the air while the Bentenmaru flees.

What’s interesting about the battle in the first half, where the Bentenmaru is suddenly confronted with the Grand Cross in all its nastiness, is that Marika’s bold declaration to fight was partly smoke. They had some ideas of what to do against the warship many times as powerful and maneuverable as they are, but only enough to keep them from getting blasted in the first few seconds. Soon the Bentenmaru is weaving about, avoiding fire, while Marika comes up with a way to get the hell out of there without being overtaken first. Drawing them in, then zipping by before they can take advantage works, but for the first time in the show the Bentenmaru has taken serious damage. Still, it’s another example of Marika thinking on her feet (and what occurred to her during the battle, anyway? “Don’t let them get above us! Although they do …).

What’s SHE doing here??

After that it’s intrigue and surprise time. We get small scenes of little consequence, such as meeting the chef’s brother, one of four, at the Pirate’s cove, repairing the Bentenmaru, Coorie dolls herself up for no reason that I can tell, apart from maybe expediting repairs from smitten mechanics, and proves to be an utter babe, etc, but they’re mostly to fill in the gaps between more important scenes. Marika has a plan for getting all those scurvy pirates in line (providing they don’t get killed on the way there), but won’t tell Chiaki. Meanwhile, the captain of the Grand Cross, Quartz Christie, just shows up to do some trash talking before she vanishes. Turns out she’s trying her ship out on pirates for the reasons we already know; the surprise is that she’s there at all. The big surprises come late when it turns out some of the Bentenmaru crew aren’t what they seem to be. What they were planted for we don’t know, but at the moment we have two Kanes walking around. Oh, and there’s Ririka at the end, on her yacht … heh. This is going to be a most interesting pirate meeting indeed!

While we’re waiting for the next episode of Sankarea, an episode 00 has made its appearance. Considering the state of undress that Rea displays, I assume its for the DVD only. It’s seven months before … whenever, and we follow Rea’s family and Chihiro’s through key moments leading to the story’s beginning. That is to say, we don’t learn anything new about Rea at all. Her father is still a disgusting tool and her “mother” is a loveless lush. Thus Rea is sad. Chihiro’s story is a bit more interesting. We get the cheerful contrast we always get when switching from Rea’s family to his, and we get to see the happiness Rea must feel when she’s among them, or at least free from her dad. We also see Chihiro’s discovery of the potion book; it looks all the world like his late mother somehow guided him to it. This would open the world of ghosts up to this series as well. And we learn that her death is something grownups don’t want to discuss with the kids. And there’s a chance meeting between the two protagonists which neither would like to admit to. In other words, they’re planting seeds in an episode not intended for the regular television audience. Not sure that’s the way you’re supposed to do it.

In Space Brothers 12 Mutta’s luck continues to hold, and so does his tendency to make the most of it, even though he’s ashamed of it after the fact. But you know, he didn’t have to invent that story about knowing the average speed of the bus by guessing at the route and seeing the odometer both ways. What if he had just up and said he saw the clock on the bus’s dashboard? That shows resourcefulness, especially when none of the other candidates had done so. You have to admire the other team’s Tomii, however, for his deductions. Mutta’s luck holds with Serika as well, when he tells her that he likes her name and it sends her off to a happy memory of her childhood. Is Mutta just going to luck his way into her heart? Well, why not?

Polar Bear’s Cafe 11 … not bad. The night out with Grizzly was entertaining enough, though visiting the batting cages and the baths seems a bit tame for a grizzly. But really, nothing beats just the thought that Penguin was beaten to his beloved Ms. Penguin by a tortoise. I was thinking it would be llama, with the sexy eyelashes. I’m a little disappointed that there was a good reason for the date.

One thought on “Moretsu 24, Sankarea 00, Space Bros 12, Polar Bear 11

  1. Marika was afraid of letting the Grand Cross fire at Bentenmaru from any side, presenting a wide and vulnerable target. Her best armor is the nose, and she wanted to point towards the Grand Cross in order to minimize her cross section and vulnerability to fire.

    She remembered that the Grand Cross did manage to get above the Big Catch, which suffered as a result.

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