Amnesia and Kimi to Boku 12, Bread 10, Nyaruko 11

Finally, Tasogare Otome x Amunesia gets around to doing something they should have done episodes ago.

I’ve been complaining about how Yuuko won’t be whole and healthy again (if you can call a ghost healthy) until she accepts Shadow Yuuko, with all the painful memories and ugly thoughts that come with her, so why don’t they just do it already? Well, I have no idea if Teiichi knew this was the solution at the beginning of the episode, but at least now he was aware of just how much Yuuko had been enduring all that time. But now his touch is painful to her, and she can’t see or hear him. As Kirie says, he’s become a shadow Yuuko of his own; he knows too much. He’s got to solve that before anything can happen.

So he mopes, and fortunately for us there’s Kirie, doing her best “sacrifice my feelings for my beloved’s sake” rant (one of two roles she’s taken lately, the other being a combination foil and infodump girl) to shake him up a little. Now Teiichi takes action and the show finally begins to move. He and Yuuko communicate by writing in a notebook for a while, until given another clue by terribly-unused Momoe and Kirie, he meets the elderly Yukariko. Was Kirie keeping this a secret this entire time? If she really wanted to help Teiichi you’d think she would have let him know sooner than this. But at the time the scene feels unnecessary, well, apart from some news we don’t have any problems figuring out.

After all this waiting the reconciliation scene feels brief, but it’s well done. The problem seemed to be that Yuuko really had no reason to accept her shadow self, and the latter was so full of anger at her treatment (in life and after death) that she’s in no mood to compromise. Teiichi was the key. I said last week that Yuuko had finally gained a witness to her death. Now Teiichi takes advantage of this. Shadow Yuuko is right: he can’t share her pain, but she learns that he can at least empathize with her. Shadow Yuuko has no defenses for this. And when he says that he loves them both, they have every reason to come together again. I had never thought that Teiichi’s love would be the key. After that it feels like a final episode, but we get a bit of weirdness with the bell bracelet, so they’ve got something planned for next week.

Kimi to Boku 12 has Kaname in a funk because his pretty neighbor Shizuna, whom he’s had a crush on since he was a tot (Kaname seems to have a thing for older women), tells him she is getting married. So we get to see him work it out with both Shizuna and her little sister Hisaka’s help (Hisaka seems to have a crush on him, but they don’t force a love triangle on us), but none from his friends. Well, they don’t know, and are thankfully kept out of the loop so they only manage to do damage for one scene. It leads to a lovely scene at the end where Kaname and Shizuna go shopping, and dally on their walk home. Hisaka had insisted that Kaname at least confess to her, but Kaname and Shizuna both know that isn’t necessary. In moments where no words are spoken or at least nothing pertinent is brought up, she makes clear that she knows exactly how he feels and how it makes her happy. It’s a goodbye scene where no one says goodbye. The show excels at moments like this.

The doll character turns out to be pretty cool. They should have woken her up a long time ago.

Shining Hearts – Shiawase no Pan 10 sets up the forces for a big battle (next week), and it’s going to be a big mess. Xiao-Mei and Hank are in the palace jail when Hank’s doll, having recovered that bit of circuitry, blasts its way down, not to see them, apparently, but because it’s the safest place for Kaguya when the big armored fleet arrives to blast the hell out of the island. They’re after kaguya, and the doll (named Queen!) is her robot servant, in spite of her name. But Kaguya says that will put the island, and all their delicious bread, at risk, so off they fly to the enemy fleet, which starts to shoot at them. Everyone else on the island spends their time running around being useless and staring at the sea a lot. Prince Ragnus learns about the fleet and springs to action–he plays the harp and sings about worlds colliding. The enemy fleet, you see, is full of lizard aliens! We learn this from Dylan the pirate after his damaged ship makes it ashore. Xiao-Mei and Hank make it out of the palace, only to be recaptured. As I said, everyone is useless. And because Rick is troubled, even the bread tastes funny.

Meet Ghutatan, a red herring.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 11 is pretty messy too. We get introduced to a new character, named Ghutatan, an adorable little girl who, according to Wikipedia, should turn anyone who gazes upon her into a living mummy. So we have an episode mostly about keeping the tot occupied until they figure out what to do with her. But it’s rather a waste because the real story is how Mahiro wants a quiet life but how he’ll actually miss his malign deity pals when they’re gone. He wakes up, and poof, they’re not there, not even Ghutatan (whom he actually got along with). And I’m guessing next week is the final episode. So why introduce Ghutatan in the first place? Why have that stupid chase? Why are their Shoggoth on the roof and why do they start moving down the roof twice?

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