The season’s weird shows: Jinrui 2, Horizon II 1

We may be more accustomed to Jinrui wa Suitai shimashita by episode 2, but there’s still plenty to make our heads spin. During Watashi’s visit to the mysterious fairy factory she gets separated from her grandfather and then Assistant and is left to her own devices, meaning we get more bureaucratic speech by the UNESCO director, now a factory manager, a man who can’t be happy, it seems, unless he’s assigned to posts and given the chance to connive his way up, not that he’s met any higher-up in the factory. This leads to what seems to be a main theme to either this story arc or the series as a whole, a critique of mass-produced food in general, I think, but since the factory is now run by what looks to be processed chickens, maybe the social commentary took a left turn somewhere. So we get a skinned, headless chicken with a kazoo voice talking about taking over the world, while Watashi adds her usual sarcastic commentary. Or it’s all an allegory on how bureaucracy breeds corruption, since Assistant throws the chickens into a panic by filming them, exposing them, so to speak, while Ave Maria plays in the background. Which brings up a religious angle, since the Poor Girl (as I’ll call her) lives in a cathedral (impoverishment of faith, whatever that means?) and is blessed by the chickens falling through the stained glass. Let’s not even mention Assistant’s Goreyesque alphabet, or Watashi’s hair. Er, this post degenerated into trying to give the show superficial meanings. Sorry about that.

Let’s see what’s going on in Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II. Has it lost any of its nonsensical edge in the months since the first season?

Nothing’s changed much.

I forget exactly what was going on. Horizon was rescued and now they were all going to fight a war, maybe. We start with a big battle involving baseball players led by the Vice Chancellor (don’t ask me of what) who has a lot of bunt metaphors going for him. Someone else brings testament arma to the edge of the territory (don’t ask what territory) some power is negated, but Naomasa comes in with a big mecha, only to be countered by Fusae Era, and her own mecha, Byakko. Someone tries to stop the battle by doing an impression, but she bombs and it’s back to fighting. There’s an interlude where someone learns what sex is and later uses the word improperly in front of a young woman and a girl who’s a ghost. Then I lost track, partly because I had no idea whose side I should be rooting for. Later, Tres Espana Alcala de Henare’s third officer, Gin Tachibana (so I wrote) battles Masazumi, so Horizon whips out her deadly sin armament the Lamentations of Sloth, so Juana whips out Idle Disgust and sets it into overdrive. Everyone starts glowing in the parts of their bodies which disgusts them, until Toori (naked) distracts Juana but is blasted by the roof, but is caught by that bandanna guy who’s stealing secrets. … And the ship escapes, which, I now recall, was the point of the whole thing. But next thing you know they’re in British airspace and getting threats by Ben Johnson (dark skinned and with tits) and some creepy guy, and now we got ANOTHER inane battle, only with British overtones, like the “Great Backhand of Justice,” and we close with the boy with glasses about to have a verbal battle with Shakespeare. And that’s only what I bothered to write down.


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