I zip through a number of episode twos of little value

Natsuyuki Rendezvous 2 leaves me a little worried. It looks for all the world that we’re going to get twelve or however many episodes of the three unhappy people spinning their wheels. Shimao-kun will continue to interfere with Ryousuke’s moves on Rokka, because he clings to her. Rokka will play around with the thought of an affair (is that the proper word when your husband is dead?) with Ryousuke, even though it’s becoming clear (using the not-very-original technique of fever-talking) that she hasn’t let go of her husband yet. And Ryousuke will get more frustrated, and round and around we go. But even if we get this pattern for a while, this episode shows that there can be some fun to be had. Rokka can’t read Ryousuke’s intentions most of the time because he’s distracted by the damn ghost, but the idea of a new romance clearly makes her more alive, just what she needs to get rid of her husband. Which is maybe why Shimao’s being so selfish about the situation. Then there’s that weird connection between Ryousuke and Shimao after Rokka collapses. But I don’t think they’re going to make much more out of that. I suppose the big question is: does Shimao need to forget about Rokka or vice-versa? Or both? And how long will it take for them to figure it out?

Binbougami-Ga! 2 decides to throw out (for now) the moral issues of Ichiko sucking up everyone else’s positive energy and goes for the cheap laughs. The first half is Momiji transferring into Ichiko’s class (of course) and making her school life miserable. Plus she’s moved into one of Ichiko’s closets at home using a space-warp device that would put an end to the world’s overcrowding problems in a flash, not to mention giving you unlimited closet space. Meanwhile countless jokes and references to other shows and comics went whizzing by without me understanding a bit of them. The second half, where Ichiko turns the tables on Momiji with the help of a perverted priest, is crazier and funnier. And everything is helped by Kana Hanazawa and Yumi Uchiyama in the lead roles; it’s as much verbal sparring and commenting through the fourth wall as slapstick fights in this show. But it will still get old fast unless we meet some new characters. I think the classmates come into play next week.

Not what you think.

For a couple minutes I thought I had missed an episode of Campione!. Suddenly Godou’s back in Japan, doing the usual Japanese high school things, like being late to school and discovering a nude lady in his bed. And Erica is suddenly acting like they’re engaged. Oh, and we get a disapproving younger sister as well, and no sign of parents. And Erica transfers into Godou’s class (of course). Last we saw of these people they were in Rome and Godou had just defeated a god, or something. The rest of the episode fills us in (and Godou, who’s as surprised at the turn of events as I was), meaning some new characters who bring infodumps with them: Amaksu, a Japanese magic rep, a shy little shrine maiden, then, crazily, back to Rome where another campione (there are seven now) who likes owls talks about taking the snake, and three guys whose names I didn’t bother to write down. Oh, there’s a fight, just because this is an action show, I think. And lots of talk about the prophecy of the starless night, where the plot is now headed. I’m tolerating this now because Godou is a step up from your average harem lead, quick to respond to Erica’s come-ons and whatever weirdness comes his way.

Nothing much to Yuru Yuri this week. They had a nice segment about catching a cute little snake. The Yui/Kyouko scene early on wasn’t bad. Also Old Maid and nicknames, and it ended with preventing colds. Two good scenes is a good average for this show.

This bit was fun. Otherwise …

And it’s a damn sight better than Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 2. I spent the first half wondering just how the hell anyone could imagine this Mister X person was a boy. When the revelation happened it took me by surprise because I thought it was obvious from the start. Still, she’s one of the more interesting characters in the series so far, which isn’t saying much. Shougo is to bland to be interesting. Same with Konoe. Miyabi is too predictable a tsundere; and I don’t like my tsunderes to show too much dere early on. A boy’s gotta earn it. All Shougo’s done is be nice to her in his bland way … though the moonlight dance was kind of sweet. We also get Mana-san, who might be fun but we don’t see enough of her, and Rinka, your typical blonde princess. Like last episode everything seems to happen in slow motion, and since you know we won’t get the mysterious sister’s identity until the series end, and that IS an interesting mystery, I don’t know if slogging through this will be worth it. But we’ll probably get more girls next week. We’ll see.

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