Twos: Chocolate, Moyashimon, Estetica, and one drop

Didn’t we have this scene last week?

I just can’t figure Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate out. All that happens in episode 2 is Yuuki deciding not to run for school president, getting advice from the contrary from several people, and deciding to run after all. Oh, and he happens to run into a lot of cute girls. The former was pretty much to be expected, though it means they pretty much wasted an entire episode. The latter was rather pointless, too, apart from introducing new characters. But right now, while I can’t say I’d be upset if I dropped it, this series appeals to me. It has an amiable quality to it. Satsuki, the front-runner for the president job, the one who wants to abolish the snacks club in the first place, it as strong-willed as those characters usually are, but she’s also a decent person, not to mention one of the people convincing Yuuki to run. Against her. The snacks club members are all types, and we don’t know them well yet, apart from Chisato, but they don’t irritate me. Also, the dialogue, though not profound, is smarter than you usually find in these type of HS shows. It all meanders too much, but in a way that adds to the charm. When the story heats up this may be a good series.

Oikawa is obsessed. Sawaki is just sleepy.

Another amiable episode: Moyashimon Returns 2. But we already expected that. There’s actually a compelling mystery here. What’s that mysterious door that’s now vanished, and where does that tunnel lead to? I’ve never done any urban spelunking but I’d love to have a shot at it one day. I love reading about hidden and forgotten rooms and passageways and why they’re there. We have a side-plot involving Oikawa’s belief that no one takes her seriously and keeps her out of the loop, for the human interest angle. When Sawaki isn’t tramping through tunnels or getting dragged around by Oikawa, we get the usual nonsense, boys trying to peep at girls and failing, lectures on making … oh, I forget. How many things have the Japanese done with sake, anyway? And our microbe buddies with their commentary. None of it fits together, and I’m sure there’s a uninteresting reason for the mysterious door (maybe Kei keeps some clothes in there), but it’s such an odd blending of science, hormones and cuteness that I don’t really care.

Yes it is. Goodbye.

It only took me a few minutes into episode two to decide to drop Hagure Yuusha no Estetica, even before the peeing scene. Jeez, I should have just stopped watching the episode when I decided to drop it. What actually made the decision for me was the way Akatsuki behaved like a total jerk throughout. Molesting Miu in his sleep was bad enough, but the way he threw his weight around after that made me desperate for someone to rough him up a little, or a lot. Unfortunately, every time someone tries he steals their underwear and gloats. And then at the end there are the ridiculous excuses made for him. Who actually believes that he got the girls mad at him so that Miu could make friends, raise your hand. Thought so. Dropped.

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