Quick ones: Natsuyuki 3, Horizon II 2, Driland 2

So what we’re going to get with Natsuyuki Rendezvous is a slow, internal process, where the living wife and/or the dead husband slowly let go of whatever is keeping him around, allowing Rokka to move on to another love if she wants. Or maybe it’s Ryuusuke who’s going to undergo something, or most likely all three. The point is that it’s going to be a quiet process, almost unnoticed if we didn’t have internal monologues to listen to. And it’s going to be slow. And everyone’s going to go around in circles for episode after episode. Precisely what happens in episode 3. Rokka is nursed back to health and shows some affection for Ryuusuke, while at the same time thinking how much she misses her husband. Ryuusuke is making moves where he thinks it’s appropriate, but who knows how long this will take. Shimao is reduced to being a crying, wheedling child. This could all take awhile. On the other hand, Shimao is begging Ryuusuke to let him borrow his body, just for a time. So we’re going to get some scene where Ryuusuke nods off in the flower shop, probably in the near future. In other developments, Shimao has somehow acquired some telekinetic powers. That’ll liven things up. Otherwise this show is in danger of becoming unbearable.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II 2 … er, let me look at my notes … We got glasses guy losing a fight with Shakespeare, briefly interrupted by the question “How do you get all that power?” which prompts a lecture on literary criticism. And does glasses guy remember the 13th Mutsugorei Academy? He does, but apart from Shakespeare’s sad memories of the place we learn little. As a last resort glasses guy sends a signal and the Musashi starts making big wide turns until an invisible ship fires on it. A “cargo ship” where all the fighting was going on nose-dives into the ground, nearly killing some kids. I have no idea what monk kid and hat-man were doing there. So the Brits hold a meeting … so we turn to Espana where they’re handing out treats to children and elves. Everything settles down. The brits aren’t allowing anyone near the crashed cargo ship, which is reduced to catching fish to survive, I think. People talk a lot. Glasses guy and one of the countless winged girls talk about their recent defeat in a conversation rife with theatrical metaphors. Oh, apparently GG has to kill Aoi to lift his new curse, you know, that Macbeth stuff. And finally a bit with a nice guy who gets letters from orphans, when he can extract the from between the sleeping Lady Juana’s boobs. A touching moment, actually. Not the boobs part.

I still think Tanken Driland is a charming show, I’m worried that I might get bored by the straightforward children’s formula. It’s time for the show to assemble its team, and so we get Pollon, a brave hero/hunter who screws up everything, but his heart’s in the right place. The three set out to rescue a fairy village from giganto birds, which are actually kind of cute, and after all, they need to eat, too. But if you hit one it vanishes in a puff of smoke, so obviously they’re evil or something. It goes the way you’d expect: Pollon, low on self-esteem at the moment, manages to save Mikoto from the boss bird by screwing up. Happy ending and a new team member. But I found him kind of annoying. I don’t mind the character designs for this show (though I won’t argue with anyone who does), but Pollon’s bugs me, especially when he puts on his embarrassed, aw-shucks face. Not enough for me to drop it though. Not yet.

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