Threes: Chocolate, that sister thing, Moyashimon II, and Space Bros pod episode 2589

Not as tedious as this scene, however.

Now that Yuuki has finally agreed to run for student council president, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate can get down to business, which in this case means a long, long scene where Mouri, the current president, lends his support and they talk strategy. It’s livened up by the fact that Mouri is probably up to something, perhaps forcing Yuuki’s administration to act as his pawns, and he even admits that he wants certain parts of the administration to keep their power. But it’s not enough to make the scene any less tedious. We get talk about how many votes they’ll need to gain to survive the primaries, how to approach other clubs for support, and so on and so on. After all that any scene would be a step up, but there’s not much more of interest to the rest of the episode, either. The club recruits, Yuuki has another friendly scene with Satsuki, this time witnessed by Mifuyu (that helped), an odd scene between the drunken teacher and Satsuki, who are actually sisters, a dinner with Yuuki and his mom (why they’re living apart is not explained), and some low-key oddness from Morishita. I’ll write it off as a development episode, but I hope something more interesting happens soon …

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 3 starts out well enough, with Ikusu dropping by to use Shougo’s shower and then suggesting he can get rid of all of this mystery sister business by having babies with her, and is not deterred even when she learns how babies are made. It gets better since Ikusu’s posing as a boy and Komoe and Miyabi drop by when she’s throwing herself at Shougo, because now they think Shougo’s gay. Thus they spend much of the rest of the episode devising ways for him to like women again. I wish I had thought of this strategy when I was in high school … nah. Where I come from it might have gotten me beaten up. To add to the fun, they spot the sister cafe flyer in his room and think maybe he’s a siscon, leading to all sorts of indecent sister acts, because, as one of them says, being a siscon is better than being gay. There’s no way the show can top that concept, so it flattens out and gets more sentimental … and loses most of what passes in this show as a comic edge.

Well handled, Mutta.

Meanwhile, back in their pod, for the 1000th episode, the Space Brothers gang try to cope with the mounting pressure of damaged clocks, alarms gone awry, and each other. But it’s not so bad. Mutta realizes what we already know, that JAXA is telling the applicants to do these damaging things. The green card thing. Knowing about it and doing something about it are two different things, but Mutta handles it in just the right way. By reaffirming his trust in the others he breaks most of the tension. And a break in the tension is just what the show needs right now. And it leads to a good bit, as Mutta assumes Serika’s mismanagement of the food stores to be another green card. Well, even if he’s mistaken, why not? If you can blame it on an outside source then it frees the teammates to relax around each other, and they can set about solving the problem. Still, it’s another episode in the pod, and next week’s preview shows no change. I’m tempted to skip one, just like I decided to skip most of “Endless Eight.”

Well, what did you THINK was behind that door?

Moyashimon Returns 3 has bits of human drama, but as usual most of it just provides a brief respite from the happy lives everyone in this show leads. I feel the most for Hasegawa for having to fend off her father’s wishes and continue her research. Although calls herself a bird in a cage, I think she’s quite happy doing what she’s doing at this eccentric school, and I feel for her when her lifestyle is threatened. As for Oikawa, I don’t really understand why she’s so let down when the mysterious door is found open and she learns what’s below. What did she expect? And the idea that there’s an abandoned brewery beneath the school is interesting in itself. As for Sawaki deciding to let her in on HIS secret, I’m still wondering why it is one? Why didn’t he tell her before. We also get a discussion by Yuuki about the reopened sake specialty shop, and lectures on … I forget (I was always bad with biology) … by both Itsuki and our beloved microbes, who make me crack up whenever they appear.

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