AKB0048 finale, Muv-Luv 4

I didn’t expect a finale in the middle of a season … So what’s next for AKB0048?

But as it turns out she’s not going anywhere yet.

I had expected a two-season series but was wondering (when I think about this show at all) what they’d do to top the return to Lancastar. When they return I guess they’ll concentrate less on the new girls and more on the starting lineup, including what to do with Kanata, now no longer in line to take the role of Takamina now that Minami went and did something heroic at the big concert. Then there’s that whole center position thing, brought to the forefront again when it looked like, for a moment, all the understudies were going to center heaven together. Yuuko and Tsubasa want some answers to that, too.

I’m going to miss these scenes.

Not to mention all the other weirdness that made this series watcheable. The kirara, who mutated so much this episode that I figured there was something radioactive in one of the Lacastar mines. How about that cosmic lightshow that brought the girls back to Lancastar after having to pull out, okay, that’s that center thing again. What about the DES? Why do they hate entertainment so much? Is this simply a pure love vs. pure hate battle (well, yes)? What’s behind that apart from human nature at its extremes? Or is it something else ..? When Nagisa’s father said in wonder “Is this entertainment?” my brain replaced it with “deculture.” It’d be fun to go back replace that word through the entire series and see what you get.

Even while giving pep talks Nagisa’s father is still a dick.

As for the episode itself, it rushed to fill in what plot holes they needed to. You have to wonder what DES has in store for Nagisa’s dad now. Yuuka gets another goodbye scene with that kid. The concert is full of light and sound and battling, as it should. Everyone gets a brief moment. It all feels abrupt, but that may have been just me expecting another thirteen episodes. I suppose I will watch the next season when it comes. The show mostly managed to dazzle enough to hide the not very interesting personal stories. Not to mention the sheer, glorious weirdness of the whole thing.

Until next year …

Moving on to less colorful matters, but plenty of angst …

Every time we see Bridges this episode he’s giving this look.

Muv Luv Alternative 4 … It’s clear now that the first two episodes were little more than a feint, or something to give us a taste of the BETAs, or to give the BETAs a taste of us, rather. The actual story looks much blander and derivitive. Which means I may have to drop it after all. The most interesting thing is Bridges’ sense of identity. He believes he’s 100% American and has been raised to despise his Japanese side by his grandfather and the people around him. Yet now he has to pilot a Japanese mecha, can’t do it well, and is getting shit from it from his Japanese commander. But coming to grips with one’s cultural heritage isn’t very new, plus we can already see what’s going to happen. The other thing of interest is that he gets captured and almost “interrogated” because he stepped foot on the wrong part of the airbase. What kind of dysfunctional lot are these allies, anyway? No wonder they’re losing the war.


2 thoughts on “AKB0048 finale, Muv-Luv 4

  1. Eh, I wouldn’t say the first two episodes are entirely a feint. Around the end of the 2/5 mark or so, the story takes a bit more of a shift towards more actual war and combat when the cast gets deployed in a live major combat operation, then again later when the base comes under attack from both other humans and then BETA in rapid succession.

    Still, the premise of the story is a little further removed from the front lines than the first two episodes were, that’s true.

  2. “Feint” might be the wrong word. And shocking the viewer early on in a series is a legitimate and useful plot tactic. I have no problems with that. However, everything in this series besides the horrors of ep2 has been inept. I’m not sure I’m willing to go through several episodes of “top gun” and Bridges’ grimacing to get to the actual conflict. But I was interested to learn that some of the future enemies will be other humans.

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